LG G6 Unboxing & Detailed Hands On

LG G6 Unboxing & Detailed Hands On http://www.mobilegeeks.com At first glance the G6 is just another smartphone, dropping the removable battery that the line was famous for was a big change. But LG is targeting the G6 at the masses and the masses want solid performance, durable build and a camera that won’t quite! If you’re after the highest end phone money can buy, from LG you’re going to have to wait for the V30.
What do you think about the G6? Should LG have stuck to the midding modular design and committed to innovation for the sake of being different? Or are you happy with the thoughtful solid tank they’ve released with the G6?
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19 Responses to LG G6 Unboxing & Detailed Hands On

  1. I Am Mr. Nice Guy says:

    leave the reviews to the pros like myaelf

  2. I Am Mr. Nice Guy says:

    be in love all you want you won't be loved nack

  3. algerian.crocodile says:

    why they not but on it recording vidio and voice in V20

  4. 亚华 汪 says:

    I wait for note8.

  5. John B. says:

    You are a very attractive lady

  6. Debra Dukes says:

    Awesome Review very detailed information about the device.I have to ask Nicole I really Love what you are wearing is that a Bracelet or Watch? I was watching your Review but I have to say I was very memorized by your Bracelet it is very Nice or is it a Watch could not tell.Thanks so much for sharing Deb

  7. Carlos Rico says:

    Nicole Scott — it's about time that I find a blunt reviewer which i appreciate. Can't wait to see your detail review on the camera.

  8. Daniel Groulx says:

    I like to watch her mouth when she's talking. looks really nice.
    Still waiting for the Alcatel 5S to be revealed. The only phone that interest me. But this LG is beautiful too. Only has no front facing speakers.

  9. studentjahodak says:

    I would like to know something more about the camera features, like slow-mo and this kind of stuff. Not the regular well known facts like square mode and whatever mode.
    Please, be first to cover this.

  10. TheMaverick1804 says:

    G2 MAMA 🙂 still works perfect

  11. Guy Hadasi says:

    great video! keep it up!

  12. indigoal3n says:

    youre lost in space.i dont wanna be rude and keep on.

  13. ankit malik says:

    Well this is phone for mass consumption. LG has done a good job in every department still i believe some more focus can be bring on aesthetics. Fairly impressed by the camera dept..amazing job done.

  14. Giannis Genesis says:

    big disappointed from lg no wireless charging only 32gb ram and snapdragon 821 really? no amoled or oled still with this ips lcd really lg? and the price is too high for a phone with those specs.

  15. Ariel Zakwan says:

    who else felt sleepy when watching this video? am i alone?

  16. Trent Michael says:

    maybe the G6 if they come out to the US in this month but if it really is April 7th- then might just have to wait 2wks for the S8- just don't know what do-what to do. Nicole? G6 or S8?

  17. mcgetkula says:

    It's over. My next phone is LG G6…..

  18. Tobi Ogunsanwo says:

    I like the design of the phone with the Pearl blue and want to upgrade from a G4 but LG is making it hard for me. No quad dac and guaranteed terrible battery life based on the v20's performance with similar hardware isn't very convincing.
    Lets be honest, LG's decision to use old hardware will only cut the shelf life of the G6 short and with price coming in above $700, the S8 will need to be quite a bit more expensive than that for this to succeed, I feel.
    Still prefer this design to the s8 but LG could have knocked this out of the park.