10 Mind Blowing Smartphones: 2016!

Every Android Smartphone listed that is upcoming in 2016 news, rumors and reviews

1. Lenovo Flexible aka foldable smartphone and tablet concept
2. Google Project Ara
3. Nexus 6P
4. LG G5
5. OnePlus 3
6. HTC One A9
7. Huawei P8
8. Blackberry PRIV
9. Xperia Z5
10. moto Z
11. Symetium
12. Saygus V SQUARED

not listed
apple iphone 7
Nexus 6
YOUM’ flexible OLED Smartphone
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19 Responses to 10 Mind Blowing Smartphones: 2016!

  1. Jåvår Wïllïams says:

    yet still none of these phones r better than the iPhone 6s and the samsung s7 edge

  2. Minesh Patel says:

    Lew from unbox thearpy

  3. aldrin arradhi says:

    im suprised how good oneplus 3 is i really want it but its really uncommon in indonesia and if it broke there's no trade center

  4. Roberto Olivas says:


  5. ggooaa100 says:

    Project Ara i stopped already.

  6. Fordon Greemλn says:

    R.I.P Google Ara ;(

  7. Kash Power says:

    omg Meagan's voice is such cancer

  8. Est Peix says:

    I'm sad that they axed ara

  9. Ender Zio says:

    And I have a Samsung S7 Edge…

  10. jesus hernandez says:

    Dude, her voice

  11. your man says:

    What's the phone on the thumbnail

  12. daminek4 says:

    I really want google ArA but i know that wilk not show in jest 5-10 years

  13. Bibekr Rai says:

    they are not taking over pcs.. thats that.. adding more ram is a great idea bt its different from desktop's

  14. Anil Sharma says:

    Google has abondened Ara project

  15. Madalinooo Mada says:

    Do you want to make same many? Just download https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ayet.cashpirate&hl=en on your android ,make an accont and enter the code KLQZYO

  16. Haili Sahwardi says:

    She got booteh,bewbs and cute voice :3

    what's so annoying about her? :3. She's bae

  17. Eddy Mcdonald says:

    u know the guy that represented the last phone is a YouTuber called unboxing therapy

  18. Elixzeah says:

    The Nexus 6P came out last year though

  19. Theflyingturtle says: