10 Ugliest Phones Ever Made

The ugliest phones ever made.
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17 Responses to 10 Ugliest Phones Ever Made

  1. Adam Peterson says:

    My friend had the Matrix phone. They all look amazing except for the vertu. Seriously, I miss that diversity! The wrist watch is epic!!!!

  2. Carl AJ Chan says:

    totally disagree with your idea!!! dislike for me!!

  3. Paul D (PD1986) says:

    the duke was actually somewhat popular due to the unique design.

    The nokia 7600 was very popular in the fashion world… the main issue it had was in the UK it was released on 3 and the network was horrible… but for look and fashion it was all about style.

  4. ibr aka says:

    The startac was the first phone i ever had , my grandfather gave it to me , that was 16 years ago i think .

  5. Fiilis1 says:

    Do i remember right, but that Nokia thing was made by some known artist, or maybe i remember wrong..

  6. supermantahoo says:

    lmao the PokéNav

  7. thiruvetti says:

    Any ugly phone video that doesnt have the Samsung Galaxy up toS5 can be ignored! Some of the phones in this video are far better looking than those Plastic toys!

  8. Crazy Bunch says:

    2:14 thats the nicest Porsche i ever seen lol

  9. DutchJake says:

    Some of these I would've liked to have, especially during the time they came out.

  10. the GreenerPlant 2005 says:

    f88 wrist watch little bit similar like pip boy
    pip boy is camera less wrist watch

  11. mlgskeleton69 says:


  12. Joswahn says:

    Everyone still remembers my Nokia lemon, I actually miss it

  13. Paul Mokbel says:

    I actually want the Samsung matrix

  14. jian jian says:

    The startac is legendary !!

  15. Sean Andrei Antonio says:

    The Blackberry Porsche didn't looked ugly at ALL.

  16. JhonyAbas Req6sunzl4 says:

    lol they aren't ugly. they are brilliant design…and unique..

  17. SuperPinkSox says:

    Haha! love the crapple watch diss!