$100 iPhone 7 Plus Clone! – Review and Unboxing! Goophone i7 – Better than Samsung Galaxy S8?

$100 iPhone 7 Plus Clone! – Review and Unboxing! Goophone i7 – Better than Samsung Galaxy S8?

Apple iPhone 7 Plus! Unboxing and Review of the fake iPhone 7 Plus clone factory unlocked! from china, fake phone! Also check fake samsung galaxy s8 clone video and full review! If you are looking for a cheap iPhone 7 watch this iPhone 7 review to see if this cheap iPhone is for you! iPhone 7 Plus review and unboxing. Cheapest clone on the market! for only $100! and runs surprisingly well! Could be a cheap iPhone alternative…Watch in 4K! iPhone 7 fake! A super cheap clone phone! Could be a great gift idea! or has a fun little toy! Also known as goophone i7 plus

Amazon US – http://amzn.to/2ltX160
Amazon CA – http://amzn.to/2kfeGtk

Fake vs Real iPhone 7 Plus – https://youtu.be/mAfjgefttNE

Please Note – I am not able to provide a direct link because of Youtube’s Strick Policy But you can do a little google search and find them, I won’t recommend buying it for anything more than entertainment!

For $100 its a pretty good deal! I got mine from a friend now there are not of places out there you can use to buy these phone but I would not recommend buying clones for anything more than entertainments and making receiving calls. If you do decide to buy this phone only buy from a verified source.
If you like this video consider subscribing and if you want to see a comparison video between the real iPhone and the fake clone let me know in the comments and by hitting the like button! goophone i7 could also be a great Christmas gift 2016! 2017! as a fun little toy! use this as christmas gift ideas! or holiday gifts!

Best Cheap iPhone fake clone unboxing and review Goophone i7 Plus Quad Core MTK6580 1.3GHz Smartphone 512M RAM 8GB ROM 960×540

Goophone i7 Plus 512+8 Quad Core
-CPU:MTK6580 Quad Core 1.3GHz, Android 5.1
-5.5multi-touch Capacitive screen, Resolution 960*540 QHD
-Screen color support: 16 million colors
– 512M(Phone Show 1GB)+ 8GB ROM( Show 64GB/128GB)
-Camera: Real 8MP+5MP Camera with head tracking focus/Fast auto focus.
-2G GSM:850/900/1800/1900MHz,3G WCDMA:850/2100MHz
-Built in GPS ,Proximity sensor support G-sensor Support 3.5mm stereo audio jack
-Support 24 languages, you will get what language you want
-Metal Body
-Color: Silver/Blue/Gold/Rose Gold
-IEMI Unlocked (You can change IEMI By Code)/Fake Fingerprint

Music Credits – Thastor – True Stories
SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/thastor

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    Hey can someone give me the link where i can buy it 😀

  2. Kelvin Tan Yong Rui says:

    Is it waterproof?

  3. Aniya Lawton says:

    can you tell me the website you bought it from?

  4. robbedj says:

    where can you buy this ??

  5. GAMER ilyas says:

    this is the real phone

  6. Cool dry says:

    of cause a fake iPhone 7 is from China lol

  7. Maruf586 says:

    Does the Apple Watch app work.

  8. David Banks says:

    i have this but i cant get snapchat wat the hell

  9. param sidhu says:

    22 punjabi aa

  10. Joshua Neufeld says:

    where can I buy this?

  11. Squash Life says:

    Where can i buy it?

  12. Blue Skies says:

    does it work in the app store Royal Tech ?

  13. BiancaGarcia says:

    Look closley at when he takes the papers out at 2:24. IT SAID IPHONE 6 PLUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Oussama Benkherif says:

    what is the kernel version in iphon 7 clon ?

  15. Ruo Cui says:

    where did you get that iPhone

  16. Anthony Mars says:

    Is the site trustworthy? like will they just take my info and scam me?

  17. The Great Footages says:

    please subscribe me back bro i nee your support

  18. Pablo Carlos says:

    can you please leave a link

  19. Cieran Pollard says:

    u have to make pass code and a fingerprint if u didn’t know

  20. Sharat Falli says:

    Can you tell me where you bought it from?

  21. Isadora Goff says:

    Working method to see what their gf, bf is sending texts, who are these people message. in this article http://flip.it/c_p5E8?5f7fci

  22. Michael_Savage Peace says:

    where do I get this phone at

  23. Lucas Ramos says:


  24. Dodt Trip says:

    Where Did U Get It?

  25. girl snipes says:

    as long as it has the regular emojis I’m good

  26. Sushil Sahu says:

    do you know where to buy this in india?

  27. MALEIA says:

    what’s the link to buy it

  28. ExEnTriK says:

    lol i would take that fake iPhone 7 Plus any day

  29. ximanuz says:

    So you cant use finger printer?

  30. Martin376 says:

    Great video! Keep it up 🙂

  31. kaay uuber says:

    send it to me

  32. Asia Brown says:

    Can you faceTime?

  33. Nirmal Jain says:

    Plz can you give me link

  34. Robin YouTube plus says:

    Hi friend I want to buy same phone ..plz tel me which website to buy .thanks ..friend

  35. Ruvim Izoita says:

    where did you buy it

  36. Михаил Фёдоров says:


  37. HKNM Gt says:

    lol stupid look at the paper work it says iphone 6s

  38. Bishwajit Barman says:

    i wnt to buy where shall i get

  39. Lakhendra Sahani says:

    how to purchase this iphone can you please tell me?

  40. Abhishek Singh says:

    can u tell
    where u buy
    I want to buy

  41. Exilerate says:

    my wifi can’t handle the 4k but my monitor can ;(

  42. Jay Vee Buniel says:

    mediatek processor lol

  43. shubham malviya says:

    sir should i buy iphone6splus for 100dollars from alibaba…i know it will be like this but i want it..and i want to know will it come to my address

  44. pravin silwal says:

    how to buy this phone in Germany

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    Can’t do a give away with it? The fake iPhone?

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    Music in the background, anyone knows its name?

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