$100 Samsung Galaxy S8 Clone Unboxing!

$100 Samsung Galaxy S8 Clone Unboxing!

How Bad Could It Be? A Fake Samsung Galaxy S8 Working Clone From China. $100 Samsung Galaxy S8 Clone Unboxing vs Real.

iPhone 7 & 7+ Clone: https://youtu.be/nI0KiaBvxf8
iPhone SE Clone: https://youtu.be/Se2a3W3oNfQ

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48 Responses to $100 Samsung Galaxy S8 Clone Unboxing!


    this is what you get when you watch samsung things in this apple sponsored channel!

  2. Elros Half-Elven says:

    The thing with this box though, is that it looks like my s7 box. Why keep it the same as another one if the phone is so much different

  3. Captain Edwards says:

    from the future n this is bs the s8 looks way better

  4. ULTRA CHICKEN says:

    they say the Samsung s8 is coming march 29

  5. XxRageGamerxX says:

    for a new phone

  6. shamar smith says:

    where can i get one from

  7. Omar Gonzalez says:

    lol so he think it from Samsung…. boi it a consept by someone else

  8. Dennis Fluttershy says:

    Considering it saying "new concept" and three random letters … you could probably fool someone that this is a production unit … would also explain the shoddy packaging (2:22)

  9. Vivek Patil says:

    can I buy from India with cod?

  10. Animals&Cars says:

    What knife did you use in this video?

  11. An Huỳnh Khải says:

    wtf….. nooooo

  12. Somay Garg says:

    where to buy it

  13. M MM says:

    I don’t want a s8

  14. teri kahe ke lunga mai says:

    where do you got it


    so in theory you could by a fake S8 and root it and get the proper firmware on it, Profit???

  16. Robert Akins says:

    you have a cool yard lol like your animals..

  17. GamingwithJack FTW says:

    can I have one of the China I phone’s plz

  18. Adeen Shamsi says:

    i also want to buy this phone where we got

  19. round triangle says:

    Do the phones come unlocked? Or can you get them unlocked?

  20. Johny BOSS says:

    thats not real Samsung S8

  21. Omar Omar says:

    Please, where do you buy the phone?

  22. Ducanh Chu says:

    made in china

  23. lLDGlichigo2 says:

    So there’s actually a German manual? – This is some real premium shit, since all china products I got only had Chinese and English ones if I was lucky.

  24. Mcbootyhurt ;3 says:

    everything apple fag boy <3

  25. точа мie says:

    foook it’s fake

  26. aiman eman says:

    hai,aiman want buy it one but were i can get because at malaysia

  27. Raiko Laisbert says:

    Sorry but in Soles ?? How much is it
    Make delivery to Peru ?????
    Thank you

  28. ASMR ULPT says:

    hoooolyy crap you are hot

  29. Jacqueline Calles Garcia says:

    I won’t this phone

  30. I know you're right, but says:

    Ha ha, even the fake apple is expensive..!

  31. •Hekdark • says:

    Mdr c’est un sale fake Ptain les gens sont con

  32. Cнıʟʟ says:

    what knife is he using?

  33. Mikail Usman says:

    that camera is worse than my smasung galaxy note 1..

  34. OPEN SOURCE says:

    I Give 100$ .
    you buy for me the Samsung galaxy S8.

  35. XxRageGamerxX says:

    SUREEEEEEE is $100

  36. Maddox Carranza says:

    I thought he pulled out a lays bag

  37. Henghak hengHak says:

    where go to buy ?

  38. Glenn Vas says:

    is that your backyard or a zoo man

  39. Tamagotchi & Other says:

    Damn,looks almost the same as s6

  40. cavit aliyev says:

    it is not galaxy s8!!!!!

  41. sk sk says:

    where to by this
    please. by the website link

  42. Z M says:

    The Batman logo was surprising.

  43. Roger Perez says:

    i mean where can i buy it? please anser

  44. alexander Sanea says:

    esti Moldovean ?

  45. Staysh Gardy13 says:

    This phone is fake please think before you write comments

  46. Dennis Fluttershy says:

    But at 5, it should get lighter 😉 (8:45)