12 Crazy Things About Cell Phones

You probably use your cell phone more than any other thing you own, but did you know these 12 facts about it?

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20 Responses to 12 Crazy Things About Cell Phones

  1. Hobey Quiambao says:

    iam from philippines…ohhh…addict in text..hehehe Our Country Is Mentioned Even Its A Slight Negative Hahahaha….
    atleast PROUD PINOY!

  2. Neon Sprite says:

    1:10 Yet ironically, Bill Gates is the richest man in the world.

  3. TheTrainDogFox says:

    Yeah my country has been mentioned

  4. Papyrus says:

    +Rainbowdash um…. why r there two rainbowdash accounts? how many are there?

  5. Michael Gallego says:

    I'm live in Philippines omg guys

  6. Takami Chika says:

    Lol I always put my phone away before I seat on the toilet bowl

  7. MrSinisterSixty says:

    1:11 who else had a device when the YouTube app looked like that

  8. Momo Zhou says:

    Did you get all of these facts from Factslides?

  9. Sergio Balaguera says:

    I'm off to wash my phone

  10. GoBanaenae says:

    this is why the philippines, my country will do anything for cellphones

  11. Michael Gallo says:

    this was copied off of a website

  12. carla zamora says:

    thats true! filipinos are addicts in texting. one factor is, they love to send group messages..

  13. Kriptic Gamer says:

    im from the philipines and that is true XD

  14. Jordan Burns says:

    people who drop their phones down the toilet must be incredibly stupid

  15. jdjxidnjhh12334445 says:

    i live in the philippines

  16. Navid Ghorbanali says:

    1:00 it's spelled radiation, not radition

  17. Ryda Somera says:

    Philippines one is trueee. I use it like everywhere

  18. ej paul samson says:

    I am a Filipino but, is it true rhat we stand no. 1 in the ranking of most text messages?

  19. xxxSleNdeRymOsh xxx says:

    Zen don't say bad anything in my country just say that in your country…….

  20. Fact Dda says:

    how about my friend text me in Facebook isthat a text WeirdXD I'm a Filipino anyways