15 Pedestrians Oblivious To The World Outside Their Cell Phones

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20 Responses to 15 Pedestrians Oblivious To The World Outside Their Cell Phones

  1. Ivan Li says:

    These bitches deserve to get hit by trucks and ran over by trains

  2. Baghuul says:

    I once saw a bitch pull out of a side street in front of me, bitch was texting. Or how about the mother bitch who holds up a row of cars while texting in traffic. Or the bastard guy walking in your direction on a sidewalk while texting , where you purposefully let him bump into you so you can call him a fuck head.

  3. badbadfull says:

    One of the clips was a zebra crossing, If they did get hit by a car, they could sue the driver and win the case easy.

  4. King Kalos420 says:

    New Law Don't Text and walk or get fined 750$

  5. Andrew Truscott says:


  6. Solange Silverman says:

    Here, in California, if you hit them, the law holds you responsible. Wake up, people

  7. Bill Fox says:

    There is no shortage of incredibly sad people who live on their phones because they don't have a proper life. Unfortunately they will breed the next generation of idiots.

  8. Munitia Blastpaw says:

    What's the music at 0:17?

  9. FinestClips says:

    I miss the old commenter guy. Fortunately, I'm making videos just like his old ones! Check them out on my channel now, and let me know what you think!

  10. Mr. T says:

    It only goes to show that these idiots don't care.

  11. Avigayil Yisrael says:

    The lady on the train tracks omg.

  12. Ozark mama says:

    What a bunch of morons.

  13. xArchangelSGE says:

    The title should have been "15 people that should die"

  14. dyingtodeath says:

    ALL WOMEN, anywhere, are genetically incapable of walking alone on Public streets without talking on their cell phones. Women will be the very first people who opt for surgically embedded cellular service.

  15. Eric Reinhoz says:

    its not fair the drivers are the bad once if they walk on the crosswalk

  16. DeAnn Young says:

    I would have honked the horn just to scare these idiots into a reality check. Except of course the person who fell into the water.

  17. SmashBoy64 says:

    The lady that fell in the water happened at my mall! 😀 lol

  18. Scott Morgan says:

    lol, you know how many people do this without phones… I hate to say it, but the people with no excuse are the ones who pull this off without a distraction…

  19. Gabriel Dylon says:

    Im rubbing my bare eyes while im watching the last video X.X

  20. Harry Plinkett says:

    I hate your fucking voice. You sound like such a fake ass piece of shit scum bag. I hope you die soon.