1989 – Centel – first cell phone ad!

“Where people connect!”

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18 Responses to 1989 – Centel – first cell phone ad!

  1. MasterofPuberty says:

    Just added this to my music video playlist.

  2. Beccy Hurlbut says:


  3. digtbk says:

    So vaporwave…

  4. Mary Cristo says:

    invented by Israel

  5. MaKayla Taullie says:

    this is so cool

  6. Splatador says:

    I had one. I also had one of those car phones that came with a carrying case. They were a neat idea for the day, but totally impractical. Those ancient days of long ago were but a moment in time, and now we have phones with live video conversations. Where's my hoverboard?

  7. Saruchanspace says:

    Wow, their kid disappeared!

  8. ggg says:

    people act like their iphone 6 won't become obsolete and laughable

  9. nat0106951 says:

    Now cellphones are being strapped to your faces lol.

  10. v19d says:

    Now cell phones are used for texting

  11. M Zach says:

    So you buy the phone and get the sexy girl, jeep and a 5 foot puddle to drive through?

  12. FrogTesticle (That Eurasian Guy) says:

    I WANT ONE!!! But, oh well, at least someone made a 80s retro phone case for the iPhone.

  13. John Yin says:

    I want to buy one of these phones to give to my daughter as a gift when she gets old enough for a cell phone. At least it's better then a beeper 

  14. acongojada says:

    I don't know why, but I would really like to have one of those brick sized phones.

  15. legasiguy says:

    Brick phones! You could do curls like dumbbells and communicate at the same time!

  16. shanice turner says:

    it's was a big ass phone

  17. fean says:

    Where people connect. Seriously.

  18. Mr99Burns says:

    How did the coverage work back then if there were no cell phone towers?