2015 & 2016 Top 10 Best Smartphones

Top 10 Best Smartphones 2015 & 2016…

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10.Google Lg Nexus 5x
9.Huawei Mate S
8.OnePlus 2
7.Blackberry Priv
6.Google Huawei Nexus 6P
5.Apple Iphone 6s
4.Lg V10
3.Samsung Galaxy Edge+
2.Sony Xperia Z5 Premium
1.Samsung Galaxy Note 5
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19 Responses to 2015 & 2016 Top 10 Best Smartphones

  1. Gulfam Tabassum says:

    huawei is best

  2. oppo smartphone says:

    oppo is better than samsung and sony.

  3. JonesRay Adventure says:

    I will always prefer the Apple IPhone because the iPhone design is very beautiful. After that many of the YouTube user always just do the comparison between Samsung Galaxy S series with the IPhone only……..Agree +1

  4. Khairul Hifni says:

    should be s6 the best for samsung behalf coz without s6 , the note 5 would never exist. hahaha.

  5. MrAtlantis65 says:

    I guess Huawei Mate 8 much better then Mate S, and much more better then LG… And by they way – In Antutu it scores 95000…

  6. Enrique Enriquez says:

    I think the best smartphone is Samsung galaxy note 5

  7. moonwalker5445 says:

    Samsung always in my dreams!

  8. CM Ansal says:

    note 5 is very bad phone

  9. Preparando el camino says:

    minute 11:00…little lupita?
    porn xxx…mmmm

  10. Cosmin FTW says:

    Nexus 6p the best

  11. legna1500 says:

    LG V10 so top LOL

  12. Dancer Sandrex says:

    best smartphone is blackberry passport

  13. NinoBrown says:

    best smartphone is Nokia 3310 !

  14. Nabeel Al Qawasmeh says:


  15. Nabeel Al Qawasmeh says:

    lenovo is the worst phone ever

  16. Drago HD says:

    thank you for the tipp Let's i have my Note 5 and its a very nice Smartphone

  17. Andrian Noriza says:

    best smartphonr huawei mate 8

  18. Dovydas Kačergius says:

    best smarthone is samsung galaxy s6 edge+☺☺☺