5 Amazing Smartphones


5: Robin. The smarter smartphone

4: UBIK UNO: The Bezeless Smartphone at an Unbeatable Price

3: Sonim XP7: The Most Rugged LTE Android Smartphone

2: ISOCASE-The First Functional Case For Smartphones

1: Sesame Touch-Free Smartphone

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19 Responses to 5 Amazing Smartphones

  1. pesoen says:

    the last "smartphone" is just a case for an iphone, with additional features, its not a phone on its own, just a useless piece of wasted money, until you buy an iphone to put inside of it, then it becomes more wasted money, because its not android :P

  2. Prokop Beneš says:

    Where is that 1st phone huh?!

  3. Deepraj Thapa says:

    robin is a gr8 smartphone i liked

  4. Steve Kirby says:

    Isocase was a total scam. A physical impossibility to fit a 7mm iPhone into a 9mm case which is including both the caseback and the screen!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Adan Lopez says:

    I expected apple or samsung


    a PHONE with 3 gigs of ram? My first computer had 64 megs.

  7. That Stoned Man says:

    cancer cancer

  8. Tarson Benz says:

    1:59 That guy is trying to have a accent.

  9. perspektyvustoks says:

    All of those phones are a fucking fail

  10. Marvin Hipster says:

    No LG G5? give my money back

  11. TONPUSON0 says:

    5:56 who paused?

  12. Takoah says:

    That Sonim was the hands down, ABSOLUTE UGLIEST, Phone I have EVER seen. The fact that they have to put BOOBS in half of the shots to sell the damn thing, is so funny.

  13. Johannes Weit says:

    sup yo" it's really astonishjng foregoing encouraging what's your opinion about this, gu|s

  14. 25eshu says:

    looks like gta v commercial to me

  15. Nikita Gaidouk says:

    #1 NextBit scenario:
    You download some GPS Map before your adventure in the wild, you dont use it, so it gets uploaded in the cloud… now you get to your adventure, no WiFi, open GPS… NO CAN DO! it's in the CLOUD, FUCK YOU!

    of course unlikely scenario, but you get the idea.

  16. Nikita Gaidouk says:


  17. Nikita Gaidouk says:

    ALL these phones are all crap with easily replaceable features:

    1. NextBit offers Cloud storage?! REALLY? Most space is taken up by Video and Photo. iCloud does Exactly that for $1 per month, that's what, $12 per year.

    2. That guy just talks for 2 minutes before revealing a NO SPECIAL Feature Phone.. there is NOTHING proprietary about it!

    3. That's could be sold as a durable waterproof CASE or a Nokia 3310

    4. That's not a Phone, thats an ACCESSORY!

    what was number 5 OnePlus?

  18. Felix Lehner says:


  19. Paul Kieley says:

    Heap of Manure, 5 smartphones are you joking? like 1 long ad!!!!!!!!!!!