5 Craziest Deaths Caused by Cell Phones

A deadly dropped call into the toilet, exploding batteries, a roller coaster accident, running with the bulls, and walking straight off a cliff… Dark5 presents 5 of the strangest ways people have died because of their cell phones.
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Music by Ildar Bernoulli

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19 Responses to 5 Craziest Deaths Caused by Cell Phones

  1. ReVoLutioNizeD REV says:

    I Was At Cedar Point When That Dude Got His Face Blasted

  2. walmi328 says:

    The dude killed by the roller coaster was my teacher.

  3. dogeified says:

    1:23 That's Gouderix, not Raptor.

  4. Mario Monte says:

    As someone who works at Cedar Point, and was working the day of the incident, I can confirm that #4 happened. I have nothing but sympathy for the family of Young and especially the operators of Raptor. Imagine that your job is to keep people safe, and one person breaks the rules where you can't see them and gets hurt by your ride. Absolutely terrible. I know that the official statements released by the park sounded a little cold and uncaring to some, but nobody in the park could care more. Some of us were devastated, some were furious at Young, but we weren't uncaring.

  5. Pangea says:

    unbelievable. ….the things people do for there crappy phone's

  6. LifeOfOrion says:

    cellphones kill people everyday …brain cancer.

  7. Julio Herrera says:

    Number 1 made me scared just looking at my phone because I'm charging it and watching this lol

  8. eukaryote90 says:

    So they died by breathing in other people's crap? That's one of the worst deaths I can imagine.

  9. Domst3r1910 says:

    you used to call me on my cellphone.

  10. Adarsh Singpuri says:

    A man was listening to loud music by earphones and was crossing a railway track, he did not hear the horn of the train and died.

  11. ninjas40 says:

    Before, dark5 had sp00ky music. Now these beats are so positive I danced to it

  12. Rosey says:


  13. j0419199005252012 says:

    The video clip used with the one from Cedar Point wasnt of the raptor. Knowing what the raptor looks like makes it a little more horrific. It's an inverted coaster, so when the guy got hit he wasnt just hit by the car, he was hit by the legs and lower body of the person riding it along with making contact with the car.

  14. 7up0111 says:

    Whoa number 1 tho. That was a bad accident. I change my battery a lot when I charge them so I'm wondering how that kind of stuff can happen, and how to avoid it?

  15. mupps420 says:

    first one and you dont know what you are talking about already. try 'was overcome by toxic gases'. fainted from the smell… fml.

  16. I dont even know says:

    2:45 If that was the actual picture I was gonna say, he died in great form.

  17. TheCaptainLulz says:

    Darwin award winners! (except the mother trying to save her son in the cesspit and the guy with the faulty battery).

  18. Ashley Dawson says:

    You need to do voice overs. Reading the text just makes it shit.

  19. SanguineUltima says:

    I hate cell phones- can I please go back and live in the 90s?