5 Insane Smartphones From The FUTURE

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Symetium https://igg.me/at/symetium/x
Comet http://www.cometcore.com/
Siam Phone http://www.siamphone.com/
Portal http://arubixs.com
PuzzlePhone http://igg.me/at/PuzzlePhone
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19 Responses to 5 Insane Smartphones From The FUTURE

  1. Realking 21 says:

    One more subscriber

  2. eazy ertan says:

    sell ur BMW and build this peace of shit Phone named comet…

  3. rafia siddiqui says:

    portal is nice

  4. Janfer Mapula says:

    Think of catching pokemon with phone number 2

  5. Ak situk says:

    Comet is garbage. The company looks like they just got off jihad. The 3rd one with two screens is retarded. Why turn your phone all the way around when you can just swipe the front facing screen to the next page. A 2100mah battery gets 3 days my ass. My note 3 came with 3000 stock to which I replaced with a 10,000 mah and now I get 4 days solid use. Wow F'n wow. It takes front and rear pictures at the same time. That's a feature? Who cares anyway, as I'm sick of carrying around a phone wherever I go. Been doing it for 14 years and it's brought me nothing but wasted money. I wear a standalone gear s2 Classic now and ditched my note 3. The first day of not having to lug around a phone was biblical for me. Peace and quiet. I can still get and send calls and texts like before. Navigation? Not a problem music is blue toothed to by LG headset. Game over

  6. Apurva Naik says:

    how can I order that product..
    provide me details on
    +91 9662999019

  7. ryan barker says:

    mood recognition? hey, comet, guess what i'm thinking right now, if ya can….

    of all these gimmicky pieces of junk, the portal seems pretty cool. entirely pointless for the vast majority of people and i question its capabilities, but i like the idea.

    what's funny about every single crowd-funding, or whatever you want to call it, commercial is how they all claim to be the next big thing, the natural evolution in logic, capability and design, and they go about attempting to distinguish themselves by looking and sounding like every single other 'gimme money!' company 'with the best engineers in the world.' i mean, you'd think that if you wanted to differentiate yourself from the others guys begging for bucks you wouldn't use the same script formula, right?

  8. Mike Marzuki says:

    I hate this bullshit dichotomy. 1) iOS that runs rather beautifully, but only on official hardware. 2) Android, which runs great on certain hardware. But it CAN run on like a million different types of devices making it an inherently unreliable platform.

  9. Edward Enard says:

    number 3 phone battery lasts three days on a single charge I call bullshit. no way

  10. jerry bushman says:

    Instead of making them fancier, make the less expensive

  11. r3g27 says:

    Comet sounds like ball shit.

  12. Robert “Jolly” Cartwright says:

    does the portal come with a camera?

  13. Matthias “Smartis” Weingärtner says:

    Just scam… all these products aren't innovativ. :(

  14. András Sásdi says:

    Puzzle phone: sutch a unigue idea… spoiler alert! Google: project ara…

  15. András Sásdi says:

    Portal: hey guys fo u heard about Android?
    – Pfff we don't need sutch an oldschool thing like that… we will use some shity os what won't support anything.

  16. aaronCapricorn says:

    If you need your phone to float on water, then get a fukn smart phone case that can do this.. wow. still a decent phone that comet, but how are they going to take over the samsung/LG/etc market.
    For sure not wearing a huge ass smart phone on my wrist. a smart watch that can do just the bare essentials(phone, text, and maybe 5 apps max would be amazing). by wearable i thought they were about to show how you'd be wearing an advanced kind of google glass that connects to your smartphone.
    My favorite is the last phone, the up-gradable one that has 3 hardware modules for updating. i haven't ever had an expensive phone where the glass breaks and i have to pay for a new screen, but the idea is perfect then for people like me. This reminds me of upgrading my PC, which is OOC, out of commission at the moment because i really do need to upgrade everything. The best part is not having to throw away a phone every 2 to 5 years. The idea of millions of phones in landfills isn't a good one, so at least phones can be used second hand in 3rd world countries. although in some certain 3rd world countries, even 20 year old cell phones can be used for setting off IEDs. being able to get all these parts off the phone in order to disable it and recycle or reuse the parts seems like all great ideas. With that said, i feel like the ultimate phone will be (optionally) wearable to where you can either put on glasses that have an interface perhaps or a smartwatch that isn't half as large as the one shown in this video. Also, the ability to have security is important, which phones have had for a bit now such as fingerprint and other scanners and codes. The thing I'm getting to is big brother. Supposedly this is why the comet is a decent way to go because of it's encryption when sending texts at least.

  17. Tine Woodbe says: