5 Mind Blowing Facts About Your Smartphone!

5 Mind Blowing Facts About Your Smartphone!

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Today’s smartphones are not what they used to be even just a few years ago. Smartphones are the fastest growing industry in history but that’s not all.. Watch and learn these amazing facts about the devices in your pocket!
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NOTE: Hey guys, massive apologies, number 2 should actually be 11.8 thousand km^2 not 11.8 million km^2. This equates to half the state of West Virgina. I slipped up the units in the calculation :/ Again huge apologies for the misinformation, it was purely accidental. Hope you enjoy the rest of the video.

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20 Responses to 5 Mind Blowing Facts About Your Smartphone!

  1. Daniel Madden says:

    Well done

  2. Chelum Vezie says:

    pink Floyd in the back

  3. MR. Expert says:

    The phone is the greatest creaction of all time

  4. loleris Lol says:

    So this guy is comparing the first proper electric computer from 1946 to a phone from 2013 it is no surprise that the phone won

  5. Crazywaffle5150 says:

    I keep good attention when watching. :P

  6. Ali Ebrahim says:

    All that processing power and battery tech is still the same as a decade ago. Phones are getting more powerful but battery tech is still pretty much the same.

  7. Feroz Ahmad says:

    PC is not acronym, sir.

  8. Paramesh Subramoni says:

    I prefer PC

  9. G Lock says:

    Very interesting

  10. Stephen says:

    England had the first computer,  before 1946!!!

  11. NEO Digital Media says:

    Two and one should have been switched.

  12. Steve Haigh says:

    You can take my PC when you pry it from my cold, dead hands.

  13. Sinoops says:

    Lol what the fuck your sound white

  14. gojkob99 says:

    Yes, but will it run Crysis?

  15. Honda Mike says:

    The computer from 1964 was pronounced YOU NA  VAC.  Not whatever he said

  16. lonerider456 says:

    Early Years of Computers: Smaller population, more expensive machines. Explains the differences in sales.

  17. davinder singh says:


  18. General Jilut says:


  19. Andrew Case says:

    Hey man, thanks for sharing this.. I didn't know a single of these facts. Also, the drum n' bass was a nice choice.

  20. D Rock 75 says:

    Great video! It was really interesting and I'll definitely share it with friends and family.

    liked and subbed. I can't wait to dig into your channel!