Acer Jade Primo Windows phone unboxing

We unbox the new Acer Jade Primo and Continuum kit available at the Microsoft Store in the US. More information:

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20 Responses to Acer Jade Primo Windows phone unboxing

  1. Amar Babu says:

    worst design, nothing looks great. eagerly waiting for hp elite x3 to compete with other flag ship devices

  2. Vinh Mai says:

    does it fit in the dock with the cover on?

  3. Olaf Mainframe Sergey says:

    Nice package but too expensive compared to other current offers. The lack of bio-metric authentication is disappointing at that price.

  4. 8meals says:

    What's the other higher end acer windows 10 phone called again???

  5. Frankienoname0 says:

    950xl is actually not 5.7" it's 5.96". great unboxing though.

  6. Michael Sofia says:

    Does it have NFC for MS Wallet?

  7. Nicolas Sun says:

    200 bucks my best offer

  8. Mika Kresna says:

    is it just me or the video is darker?

  9. Titanius says:

    "Worst unboxing ever!" No but seriously, get your facts checked, hint, blue USB port (with SS logo) is a USB 3.0 port. Also, learn how to unbox packages before attempting to open something and make a fool of yourself.

  10. juan ochoa says:

    Windows phone is dead man!!!! New Ce of MIcrosoft , aka Nadella killed the Windows Phone division _, Good job new CEO

  11. Boris Nevermore says:

    For that kind of money, this package is a great deal. You should do a Giveaway for one lucky bastard out there in the world to win this package, I am sure lots of people would love to have this package despite the thing that it doesn't have iris or fingerprint scanners. I know i would love to have one :)

  12. Seif Zakria says:

    fun fact, if i didnt know pricsings on the market and was shown this and a nexus 5x wich is like 250$ these days and had to choose which ones goes for 600 and which for 250 i would guess the Acer one is the 250$ phone

    windows 10 mobile is a joke, i bought a windows phone device and its a misery to life with it got my nexus 5x yesterday for a sick deal

  13. Bruno Techera says:

    Such an unorganized video. Windows central needs to upgrade the video content. Sounds like the video is narrated by Shia LaBeouf.

  14. Fuzzy Dunlop says:

    Will this be getting the anniversary update? Also, do updates come directly from Microsoft or do they come through Acer

  15. MikaC M. says:

    Looks premium.

  16. Sed P says:

    Looks nice but they don't should sell it without the lit. Making the phone cost more than it needs to

  17. Chris Polanco says:

    Microsoft would be paying OEM's to load Windows 10 on existing or yesteryear's Android flagships.

  18. Giampiero Belardinelli says:

    An interesting and in-depth video!

  19. Edgar Rodriguez says:

    nice phone, nice information

  20. Matthew Palmer says:

    Can you still put the phone on the dock with the case on question mark as having to take it off to put on the would you get quite annoying