All About Cell Phones

All About Cell Phones

This is a special edition show – looking at how Cell Phones work! We look at the history of the cell phone from the earliest mobile radio telephones from the 50’s to todays fourth generation wonders. We look at the technologies including AMPS, TDMA/GSM/IDEN, CDMA (2000) up to LTE. Also covered are the basics of a cell phone network, a bit about the cellular layout and even the cellular switch. Enjoy!

Here is the video I mentioned explaining how the CDMA signal is made and then decoded using the Walsh and Pseudorandom codes..

Antique cell phone pic courtesy Kozuch on Wikipedia

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7 Responses to All About Cell Phones

  1. Lawn Freak says:

    I used to be able to pick up cell phones with my kids walkie talky

  2. James Babaniotis says:

    Back in the day, I used a moto bag phone in test mode, and a scanner to intercept other people's calls, and disconnect them at random. Good times…

  3. Applecompuser says:

    This is a very long item, but does not seem to be formally organized. The topic is interesting.

  4. Wavestrike Electronics says:

    I never listened to other people's calls on the scanner but . . .

  5. GalaXy808 says:

    I have a question? Why sometimes some we have the same phone number, bec I received a phone call several times from someone, they say this is the correct number, & it is… We have the same number.

  6. Video Québec says:

    Great video thank you for taking the time to share all that info. 

  7. dowserdude says:

    Very enlightening, i'm a ham too, here in the u.k. only been licensed for a year though.
    Don't know about other folks, but i would like to know more about 800 megs..