Amazing 3D Hologram Using Any Smartphone!

Amazing 3D Hologram Using Any Smartphone!

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49 Responses to Amazing 3D Hologram Using Any Smartphone!

  1. Lancelot Advincula says:

    i wanna see you use that plastic projector on like a normal video turned put into four (like the way the video is in the phone when you use the pyramid.)

  2. fj love tech says:

    I can do that but not working to my phone nokia 1110 hahahaha sadlife

  3. Gaming Boy The TDM FAMILY says:


  4. Wolf Angel lily The queen of wolves says:

    I made a hologram with cheap clear plastic and elmers clear glue and it worked

  5. Mr Rain says:

    you can make that on your own in like 10 minutes

  6. mergim1234567 says:

    Was a woman dancing provocatively was necessary at the end of the video lol

  7. Gaming Boy The TDM FAMILY says:

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  8. IN A FLASH says:

    I made one at home!!

  9. gigicaly says:

    it takes 10min to make it yourself. You get smarter and you save 10 usd. And if you think 10usd is not a lot think of it like this: it took you 10 mi9n to make something worth 10 dollars which makes it a 60 usd and hour save. not to mention the costs for delivery or the time spent in going to buy it from a store. Fking everyone tried to get rich fast these days like there is no more time left…. what ever happened of living with dignity? Been useful and getting rich by making and selling something people actually need?

  10. Sandro The Emerald Boat says:

    I found ot the material of this and made it even more bigger MORE BIGGER and I showed it to my friends end I got a Ipad and play a video dim the the lights too so the thing wasnt visible

  11. Snarly Whiplash says:

    cool i just made one in about 10 minutes. it works very well

  12. Gaming Boy The TDM FAMILY says:

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  13. Rick Lewis says:

    How much????

  14. Meitrix99 says:


  15. Kazi Aziz says:

    I just can’t wait for till I can just sang this it to my me son son brother son and brother sister son sister and sister sister and son and sister son sister

  16. Joseph Stalin says:

    2:43 Wasn’t expecting the hologram hottie

  17. Fayed Raza says:

    I found one for $2

  18. Brendan Calina says:

    2:45 How is that not censored?

  19. Ybgamingxx says:


  20. BoxxyFan says:

    $10 for a piece of plastic?


  21. Skylar Weinstein says:

    Ima get that and watch sooooo muck porn

  22. Steve Davis says:

    Did the Titanic really sink or did it land on the moon ?

  23. Spanner HD says:

    our local cinema has this just bigger

  24. Sonja Jovanovic says:

    He is like the mix of Rob-Threadbanger and a guy from GizmoSlip(not sure for his name,Brandon or something). "TODAY!" "AMHHHHH…"

  25. Doge Brown says:

    $10 For That

  26. Brynner Moody says:

    I made one with a cafe rio salad top.

  27. Steve Davis says:

    What size image is the stripper girl ?

  28. Rahul Singh says:

    sorry for spoiling but close one eye and hologram is nothing

  29. TheCivilAnarchist says:

    This could be done on a bigger scale

  30. Nchumbemo Ezung says:

    Wish I could buy that from India.

  31. Halo MXXIX says:

    I would believe this product… the question is where are you going to find a video with 4 images facing the center

  32. Jonathan Muniz says:

    just get bright bugs

  33. KiNG Bushido says:

    yo, holographic porn!!! SOLD!!

  34. DeLiqueRS says:

    I made this in about 20 minutes from a cd box, works like a charm.

  35. android tactics says:

    like the comment if you would also like to see porn on this

  36. anicetune says:

    Plagued by large ads 20 seconds from the end.

    Thumbs down

  37. pewize says:

    wow now I can watch holographic porn nice man

  38. Mr hassadia says:

    trust me or not i made one from glass for a 42 inches screen for 15$ and this little thing overhere is 10$

  39. Gabriel Hosteller says:

    that’s so dope!

  40. skull swagger says:

    if thats for 50 cents im am choosing business sector

  41. Dathidewolf says:

    made one out of headphone cade that you need to cut to get the headphones out

  42. Qskyghost82 googlechromecast customer says:

    Question: how many of these transparent pyramids would it take to cover and entire smart tv screen to use a internet web cam to film record all 5 sides of it…4 edge side views & the front side view to play it back just to gain a comprehension idea of how it does and does not work and what it would look like before asking nato linux communities to play with it with computer graphics programs to see if they could combine smaller hologram images to make larger ones for fun? hm. proooobbblem…. Question: so how many medium and large sized smart tv computer internet display screens &/or small and large smart phones and tablets would it take to form and use combined together in a shelf grid to form one large to medium sized holographic display screen 3 dimensionally that be equivallent unto a thick size of a nonhologram smart medium to large display screen?!? hm? well; maybe that idea is decades away from being made to work and succeed low cost thinly least exspensively! correct? maybe? so best cheapest simplest thing to do now is hologram project it small now and use a good projector with camcorder to make holographic images flatly larger i guess maybe?!? it was just a thought. signed meow.

  43. NORMALFGUY says:

    WTF Now you’re watching porno

  44. Raptor Swire says:

    cool but looks fugly 😀

  45. Ashita Reddy says:

    holograms can only be made with one color so that video isn’t really a hologram. and also holograms can’t really be in video form , they can only be an image, if it’s a real hologram

  46. MrWafflePrince says:

    I wonder if they could make one the size of a room

  47. Pinkie Love says:

    you know theres a program to add fake subscriptions to your youtube ..

  48. IceFlawless says:

    And how do we know it’s not edited in?