Amazon Fire Phone Unboxing – A New Kind of 3D!

Amazon Fire Phone Unboxing!


Initial Thoughts:

Firefly Hands-On:

Fire Phone:

It took Amazon four year to develop a smartphone, which was finally unveiled last month. But this isn’t just any piece of glass. Amazon’s new toy sports a number of neat features that immediately sets it apart from the competition—a dynamic perspective display, Mayday support, free unlimited storage and even a new service, dubbed Firefly, that gives users quick access to millions of items through—where else?—Amazon.

Equipped with a 4.7-inch 720p screen, 2.2GHz quad-core Snapdragon 800 processor, 2GB of RAM and an array of specialized cameras that gives the impressions of a 3D display, the Fire Phone is nothing if not unique. It doesn’t have the latest specs, the biggest display, or even the cheapest price (it’s 9 with a two-year contract through AT&T). But it promises an experience unlike anything else. GALLERY/MORE:

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20 Responses to Amazon Fire Phone Unboxing – A New Kind of 3D!

  1. Otmar Chavez says:

    I would rather have this phone instead of a flip phone 


    I think this phone is pretty cool okay somethings are bad about it but I am going to get this phone in april hope amazon make this revenloutonary

  3. cire311 says:

    Would an unlocked version of this phone work on an At&T SIM card?

  4. Erin C (LPSmustache123) says:

    Can u have a lock screen?

  5. Big.Boy.G says:

    If I buy off contract can I use on metro-pcs.

  6. ericcartmansh says:

    so this is the same as the nexus 4 except costlier

  7. SS2K says:

    yea the phones awesome I got it couple of days ago

  8. Rex Low says:

    Nothing did really impressed me except for the dynamic perspective and firefly

  9. XXelite _nadeshot says:

    techno buffalo can you tell me the release date of the fire phone?

  10. Bobby Loucks says:

    Can I get this with straight talk?

  11. Eric says:

    Love Amazon, and would definitely buy one of their phones in the future… Just not one so full of useless gimmicks. 

  12. Owen Wilson says:

    peace of shit I had it and in like the first hour of me messing around with it the display went off and never came back on so definitely not worth buying it 

  13. GamenatieBelgie says:

    Where's the usual unboxing knife?!

  14. goodasgreen says:

    wtf this should be a 1080 phone… 

  15. jexiel rivera says:

    No me gusta en ningun aspecto 

  16. DanielLikesDiamonds says:

    Samsung phones are way better

  17. Sharod101 says:

    meh. I'm sticking to my iPhone 5. I do like iOS best. Everything is on one screen, there's no mess with trying to get to apps. I like the iPhone 5 build quality the best, it's lighter and bigger then the 4, and not as obnoxiously large as the galaxy s4/s5, and that feeling of quality is why i got it. 

    To each their own I guess, I just don't think the competition stacks up. Or maybe i'm too stubborn to change. (except my first phone was an android).

  18. communicationbdown92 says:

    The hardware on this phone looks solid and I am intrigued by the dynamic perspective with its 4 front facing cameras but…

    This UI is horrific. Absolutely terrible in fact the UI is so bad it's a dealbreaker for me. As someone pointed out in the comments already, it really is like being stuck in the Amazon appstore anywhere you go. Also having the appstore before the app drawer when you hit the apps option is a huge mistake. This ugly UI seems even less customizable than iOS, and that is impressive in itself. I mean at least iOS lets you choose a wallpaper, it doesn't do much other than that but it does let you set a wallpaper. I don't want to be staring at black all day. The phone really seems like a locked demo unit at a carrier store, the ones that only let you see certain features of the UI through a demo video, but sadly this seems to be it. 

  19. Edgyzebra192837 -Destiny Content says:

    Amazon Fire Phone for $0 Down
    it is a true a failed phone

  20. Amaan Bari (RebelliousPeanut) says:

    I was considering the Fire Phone, before I saw what it could do… got a Nexus 5 and I know I am far happier with this that that amazon crap