Amazon Fire Phone Unboxing & First Look!

Beau HD gets his hands-on the all-new Amazon Fire Phone. With its premium build quality and unique 3D dynamic perspective mode, Amazon has primed the Fire Phone to compete directly with other high end flagship smartphones. If you’re looking for a sneak peak to see what is included in the box along with how the device functions, you have come to the right place.

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What do YOU think about Amazon’s 3D perspective mode? Let us know in a comment down below.

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19 Responses to Amazon Fire Phone Unboxing & First Look!

  1. Jeremy R says:

    The phone is really nice I just got mine today I have been using a oneplus one for a while but it recently broke and oneplus's customer support is jack shit. So I purchased this little guy I was so impressed with this. I love the OS because im a kindle guy.

  2. Sora sims says:

    I REALLLLY want this phone. I have been watching reviews for 3 hours now . Hope i can convence my dad to get it for me. 

  3. Jordon Waters says:

    What os is on it

  4. Cole Myers says:

    My mom got me that phone for christmas 

  5. Eric Wells says:

    Whats cool is that for those who do want this phone, they can buy it straight from Amazon, unlocked, for 229

  6. Hood Rat-Mcguy says:

    beautiful phone

  7. Ashley Diaz says:

    Looks like an amazing phone if I didn't have my iphone I would totally buy that

  8. Wayne Johns says:

    i would hate having my phone be in 3d all the time. it would give me a headache and i think its a little bit too much. im happy that our technology has improved so much over the years that we are able to make devices like that but its a little bit too over the top

  9. Igor Kanjir says:

    like this comment for no reason :)

  10. Beefers26 says:

    Looks very cool. Hope it hits the UK soon. 

  11. Thomas Miller says:

    I think the 3d effect is awesome

  12. TheMusketITuckedIt says:

    Screen resolutions a bit low but other than that everything else seems average for a modern phone, and the 3D effect is cool and will take some getting used to, but for the most part its not very practical.

  13. Lyndon Underwood says:

    3D effect seems completely pointless, looks like it will get annoying after a while especially if you want to lay down and use your phone. Should have skipped the 4 extra cameras and put in a full HD display.

  14. Joshua Dominic says:

    One word: Gimmicky. Do you guys remember the motion tracking features on the Galaxy S4? I mean it is innovative and all, but to most, it was much of a show off type thing and not for daily use. Everybody has their taste and opinion. If you want 5 physical cameras staring at you… So be it. Let the Fire phone live on.

  15. MrTruMp says:

    It's cool but it would be annoying to see that 3D effect on the phone

  16. Oddcast Archive says:

    Is that Spaceship Earth for a box? Epcot wants it style back

  17. Mamahnita Combs says:

    No 3D hurts my eyes and gives me a headache

  18. alphaandliarize says:

    he said dual stereo speakers…. where is the fourth speaker located???