Amazon Fire Phone Unboxing & Giveaway! [HD]

Amazon Fire Phone Unboxing & Giveaway.
Amazon Fire Phone 32GB (Black) Unboxing.

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20 Responses to Amazon Fire Phone Unboxing & Giveaway! [HD]

  1. marvin jovel bro says:

    Fat hands

  2. MrLuigisASMR says:

    you little over excited bud

  3. sam leenerts says:

    is it too late to receive the fire phone?

  4. Austin Aj says:

    I want it because it's awesome well but I don't have money buy so

  5. NeoVenezuela says:

    Onychophagia also onychophagy or nail biting  If you make if you're going to keep making videos where you see your hands do not eat more nails look horrible Bro!

  6. BeautyBabe03 says:

    I want the phone to give to my dad becuase his phone is proper broken it fell and cracked and when he turned it on it didnt turn on so he took it to the repair shop and the guy said its broken so im trying to get my dad a phone and i dont have enough money so please can you choose me

  7. Thunder Bird says:

    I got no mob So i just want it,

  8. Monster26745 says:

    How much is the phone 

  9. Luis Gutierrez says:

    i what to win it's phone mlmy samsung galaxy note 3 suck i need new phone 

  10. andrija666slipknot says:

    i don't have it…

  11. MinecraftCraftiers says:

    Papi I really need this phone because I have a brick and all my friends have Iphones and Samsung Galaxys

  12. branlife says:

    Those headphones look exactly like black Apple EarPods

  13. Fatman says:

    I want to win so I can make a review and mention you in the video!

  14. genaro chavez says:

    The reason I want to win is because the last time I got a birthday gift was when I was 12 the reason for that is because my parents were struggling to make ends meet and still haven't since plus my birthday is coming up September 19 and it will mean the world to me If i we're to win. 

  15. Mathias Kiyabo says:

    I would like to win this.. 

  16. daboisityable says:

    I want to win cuz i have boost mobile and i hate it.

  17. FriedUchiha says:

    I want to win because i like turtles


    I really want to win it because I need a new phone

  19. BananaChop says:

    I want to win because this phone looks amazing. 

  20. Graciela Torres Figueroa says:

    I would like to win because this phone is damn awesome! :3