Amazon Fire Phone Unboxing

Amazon’s new phone will fit through a normal-sized mail slot. My review copy arrived today in Cambridge, Mass. Will it really be able to replace my iPhone 5S? I will hedge my bet for a while, keeping two phones and two phone numbers active. Meanwhile, this video captures my first impressions, out of the box.

I can tell you that Mayday 24/7 video-chat tech support works just fine. I tapped the magic button and summoned Logan, a support tech who arrived within a few seconds to answer my first question: How do you replay the phone’s opening video that demonstrates gestures to control the phone? It turns out you’d have to reset the phone to factory default to see the video on the phone itself. The video will be up soon at, along with other tutorial videos.

I will have much more on the Fire phone in this week’s episode of the Kindle Chronicles podcast at iTunes and .
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2 Responses to Amazon Fire Phone Unboxing

  1. NESSA LEWIS says:

    Yep, I have two phones…IPhone 5S 64GB and Amazon Fire Phone 64GB …I need to see for myself which is the better phone.

    300MB (also includes unlimited Talk & unlimited Text for about $100+ a month (I will probably have $50 in crappy fees) it was the lowest Family Share Plan that AT&T offered.

  2. Katie Loss says:

    Very exciting.  Thanks Len.  Looking forward to more extensive review of Fire Phone on your podcast, The Kindle Chronicles.