Amazon phone case unboxing

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12 Responses to Amazon phone case unboxing

  1. Mo Maniaa says:

    You're so cute

  2. Mo Maniaa says:

    Do an case collection!!

  3. Giovanni Ruiz says:

    quit picking it that's y it has a crack

  4. Aqua MC says:

    It's a phone case.. Calm down

  5. David Hoffmann says:

    you cute!

  6. Sionet 72 says:

    What a muppet

  7. Andrea Vazquez says:

    Mock more videos

  8. Bella Reddin says:

    You have no chill

  9. Haley Ewing says:

    Jesus look at your views!!

  10. Oliviagrace says:

    thats not an otter box

  11. BabyAri says:

    The otterbox isn't real 

  12. Jessica 2000 says:

    Could u do a phone case collection