Ambush Reiterates the Danger of Mobile Phones in Transitional Spaces

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We now live in an age where your mobile phone is a vital connection to the world, but in transitional spaces they can be very dangerous! Practicing Active Self Protection​ means knowing how and when to protect yourself from ambush.

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Want to learn more? There are 8 additional lessons, 3 class starters for instructors, and links to more information about this ambush on our website:

Attitude. Skills. Plan.

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20 Responses to Ambush Reiterates the Danger of Mobile Phones in Transitional Spaces

  1. don quixote says:

    Ah New York, one step above Brazil.

  2. B Hobbs says:

    I think you mean just black people in groups. This women had no chance.

  3. None Ya says:

    Awe look at all the Hillary Clinton supporters…… Now don't forget to vote.

  4. KVHUNV GXD says:

    they all deserve felson charges, and she is an idot for walking NYC with her face in her phone

  5. Benjamin Beasley (Calicoder) says:

    I greatly appreciate the street smarts shared in these videos.

  6. shoop dawhoop says:

    It would have been easy to push the bad guy over his own bicycle and then dominate the gun with him laying on that bicycle but who knows what would have happened on the ground… rip brave lady

  7. Dennis Smith says:

    Nice video John.
    I do this all the time when I am in the city. I will be aware in future not to do this.. Once you bury your head in your smartphone ..You become unaware of what is happening…This makes you an easy target to robbers who could steal your cash and your phone.
    When you are in the city you need to be aware of what is happening and pay 100% attention. Otherwise you will be a victim to a robbery.

  8. D B2 says:

    Thugs' Lives Don't Matter

  9. mrcaloryfrio says:

    nice place to test fn 5.7 with suppresor !

  10. Bullets and BJJ says:

    Brother I LOVE your videos and the discussion of spiritual fitness, as a Christian I couldn't agree more!

  11. jakep1979 says:

    It wouldn't matter if she looked at her phone or not, those mob of young men would have pounced on her either way.

    Safest bet: Don't walk home at night in inner city neighborhoods like this especially if you are an easy target.

  12. Zagg777 says:

    "Kids". Right.

  13. Nizzle FoShizzle says:

    A bunch of teenagers in the middle of a street, late at night, hoods over their heads. They weren't even being that stealthy! Come on girl, there were so many red flags here. Hang up that phone.

  14. Chad Quinn says:

    Hate to say it but this woman was asking for it. She would have got jumped even if her head was in a swivel.

  15. James Thornton says:

    how else do you think they're going to get their drug money

  16. Surgical02 says:

    I hate to do it… But I am now Un-subbing due to the open call for censorship…
    I used to enjoy your videos man… I will return if you come back to the side of freedom….

  17. Adam Jones says:

    Obviously about race.

  18. mixflip says:

    NYC? why am I not surprised.

  19. CALMBEATS says:

    typical good for nothing humans. . always showing the world the reasons we dislike them so much -

  20. moxigen says:

    im from germany… we will have these areas soon as well i fear…