Are 2016 Smartphones Too Powerful?

In this video we talk about the Oppo Find 9 Smartphone, which may come with 6GB RAM, Snapdragon 820 CPU, and it could be the most powerful, fastest phone of 2016!

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19 Responses to Are 2016 Smartphones Too Powerful?

  1. Christian Enright says:

    Great video, just discovered your channel!
    I think you're right about phones being "too powerful."
    The power isn't going anywhere useful. Phones needs to slow down a tad, and focus on areas that have been neglected; key areas such as the battery and simple optimization OS-wise to be exact.
    Processors are literally too complex. Look at JerryRigEverything's video where he tears down the Galaxy S7 Edge. He shows that the 820 runs hot enough to leave marks behind on the plastic around it. Keep in mind that they have the whole water cooling tube behind, attempting to prevent it from doing too much damage. He had only used the phone for a day before tearing it apart to look inside of it. Pretty crazy.
    So phone are getting too powerful with not real benefit, at least right now, and are literally too complex to run cool without aid. (And then continue to run hot enough to burn the plastic around it.)

  2. Stephen Brown says:

    I'm a hard core oppo fan and I'm waiting FOR my find 9 to appear my find 7 is tried ,come on find 9 I know your there show your self

  3. Can Karako says:

    My I phone 4s takes 3 minutes to open and I have to wait at least a minute for spottify to lunch. It's only 3 years old. Are you kidding me? They maybe good when you buy them but they all turn shit in 2 years… So no they are not powerful dude…

  4. Dan Lightowler says:

    Hi mrwhosetheboss I'd like to ask, where do you buy your Chinese phones from? How do you buy them and how do you know if what your buying is genuine? Plz do a vid on this!!!

  5. Lamarr Williams I am Business 24seven says:


  6. abhirupsingh4004 says:

    heck I want 128 GB of how is that!!!!

  7. Abdul Wahed Saif says:

    Off topic: what is the name of the game before Smashy Road..? TIA

  8. The Fake 67 Le Faux 67 says:

    iphone is the proof that you dont need a lot of ram 1.8 dual core processor with only 2gb ram still better than any other phone because of the 6 core gpu it have! android is good but apple is better , that a fact.

  9. blissinthemix says:

    I came here for the comments

  10. Soufiane Az says:

    So much useless power to be honest..

  11. Prospekt Arty says:

    Very nice video and great questions. The majority of smartphone users are just ordinary users who need their phones for everyday stuff. Most people are happy with 3-4 gb ram as it is able to power most phones smoothly. One guesses that the majority of the minority of smartphone users who are power users will be more interested in in the higher specs currently being touted simply because they are developers or incessant gamers. But like you rightly stated smartphones will never and can never replace the gaming console because they are meant to be used as phones first and foremost. Neither should they replace regular cameras. But I'm afraid hard core gamers and developers, specsheet addicts and queens will be rooting for ever so more powerful phones to feed their addiction.

  12. Miquel Roura Batlle says:

    Of course they're not powerful enough yet. The clue of developing in this ambit is the update of the specs and, as I hardly believe, it's necessary to add more funcionallities to eache device.
    Obvioulsy, if you just use a phone as a whatsapp and video consuming machine, you won't be understanding what I mean, but if you look at where's the smarthpone we know today going, it's far too useful.

    This, power, which is not yet comparable to a low end computer, will take so much more benefits when android will be capable of running windows apps, which I'm impattienly waiting even If it's so unlikely. Without looking any further, there's a wii/gamecube emulator running in developement and it needs way much more power to run in android than the snapdragon 820 has for example, which is now considered as the best cpu, and that's becouse of the gpu, wich hasn't yet been developed enough.

  13. That Stoned Man says:

    6gb ram = no sd card slot = deal breaker

  14. kiss peter says:

    it's obvious , they are NOT . Also Battery is NOT enough 2-3 hours of intense use and you drained it all .

  15. Joseph Mcqueen says:

    An average working human is enough busy to not know the difference between 3 gig and 6 gig in their daily usage , 4K and 720p in their daily usage and snapdragon 808 or 820 , an average human have those moments in life they need to capture instantly , they remember the memory , not the details and the ppi, contrast and saturation . Phone is for day to day need , and our phone are there , you are into photography? , take a dslr, you are into gameing ? , go take good pic or console , you are into music ? , get good headphones , buy some instruments , you are professional photo editor and web designer ? , again pc or good laptop , phone is to get it out form your pocket , it can fall , it should be cheap and of good quality, it should be beautiful , it should be comfortable, it should be a phone ! Not a jack of all trades .. Master of none .

  16. herpaderpy says:

    I always hook up a controller to my OPO to play N64 games on an emulator, and I definitely appreciate the extra RAM when dealing with VR, as my next phone will definitely be used for at home.

  17. Danial Blood says:

    Imo..I think its great to have a phone with more power..yeah sure it is not dlsr and things but it is portable and very useful..all the things you need on one small smartphone..the more powerful the phone..better games will be made
    ..developers for android will manage to even make a ps4,ps3,psvita emulator and more.the same things with the ppsspp(psp emulator)…thats what I mean earlier by portable device….alsoo..virtual reality games need some really great spec to be able to generate 2 dif display…just a humble opinions..:)

  18. Chris C. says:

    Its all about optimization.

  19. Hideika says:

    There's a phone with the Snapdragon 820 processor and 6GB of RAM at MWC