ASMR Tapping & Scratching 6: Cell Phones of History!

Have you ever wanted to hear the soothing sounds of a giant gray plastic brick that also happened to make phone calls? Look no further! This video contains tapping, scratching and whispering about my collection of cell phones ca. 1995-2012. My longest and possibly most boring video yet. Contains some old-fashioned phone button sounds, but I’ve lowered the volume there so they shouldn’t be too disturbing.
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20 Responses to ASMR Tapping & Scratching 6: Cell Phones of History!


    I can't hear you

  2. Michaël Claveau says:

    Good video :). I remember my father lugging aroung one of done huge 1995-ish phones back in the days…

    Sounds were nice and soothing. Thank you for posting this.

  3. Regis c says:

    wow first time im watching this after 2 years of asmr

  4. Luna lovegood says:

    I keep coming back to this video I've probably watched it a hundred times literally

  5. Optimus Bryce says:

    this is the best one ive ever seen

  6. Luna lovegood says:

    2:49 doh tingles

  7. Itzjoeyaza12321 says:

    the 1st one is a tablet

  8. CapitaineCouscous w says:

    10:05 chuck norris's phone

  9. pearlmax says:

    The best one doesn't work!

  10. Rachel Napier says:

    Just a suggestion please don't bash me ..// is there anyway you can take out the background noise and just keep the tapping and stuff if not it's totally fine just a little loud I'm not being mean just curious lol lots of love deff subbed :)

  11. Ryan T says:

    This is a good one. :)

  12. jovan soto says:

    this one is one of my favorite videos

  13. Hiroki Fujiwara says:

    Below me became a BASH-ATHON. Y'all stop it. Make tingles not jumpscares. xD

  14. Аня Гурьянова says:

    so good)

  15. JuStArAnDoMdUdE says:

    in austrailia you dont need a signal it uses satelite thats all you need to dial 000 (which is our emergency number)

  16. The Readers Corner says:

    Why are we whispering?

  17. Horse Queen says:

    Usually I don't like whisper videos but this time I actually enjoyed listening to you!

  18. o0oWiggyo0o says:

    Still one of my favourite videos to come to for guaranteed tingles. 

  19. Midnight Cabello says:

    So good! But I wish you did an apple product :/

  20. SOUNDsculptures says: