ASMR | Tech Unboxing/Review | Pitaka Phone Case iPhone 6S

ASMR | Tech Unboxing/Review | Pitaka Phone Case iPhone 6S

Hello Guys!

Welcome back to another tech unboxing and review – this evening, unwind to the sounds and commentary of testing out a new phone case and the failed attempts at applying a screen protector!

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17 Responses to ASMR | Tech Unboxing/Review | Pitaka Phone Case iPhone 6S

  1. CreeperPuncher15 says:


  2. J.P. Realest says:

    When will you make another civ 5 video

  3. RoyallyNifty says:

    That fucking ad…

  4. yeah son says:

    Any chance for a LoZ or bioshock RP?
    Great video btw! :)

  5. Nissan •Nismo says:

    Your only a year older than me, I like your content man :)

  6. Daron Birkholz says:

    thats japanese writing!

  7. Melissa Smith says:

    6 dislikes thats dumb

  8. Dean Check says:

    28th I believe

  9. Matthew Anthony says:

    The text is Japanese. ^^'

  10. Drew “b4dg3r101” B says:

    That was Japanese…not Chinese :(

  11. Kelly Reeves says:

    I really enjoy all your unboxing videos. Super relaxing.

  12. BOSS123631 says:

    Why do you wear a ring

  13. Alien goof ASMR says:

    Love the tapping on the phone case ^_^ another brilliant video!
    All these product placement-y videos show just how well your channel is developing! Brilliant to see how well you're doing.

  14. Gligow says:

    Thx! Just what I needed

  15. RaG3 Curzed says:

    Hi Ben! I have recently sent you a message on Xbox and you replied instantly! I was amazed. One thing I forgot to mention was, I was just wondering if you wanted to play some battlefield 4 one day or maybe even Battlefield hardline, if you have them. Thanks for the time Ben! Love your vids!

    Ps please do an OPEN LOBBY on any game! It would be ace! Thank u

  16. Moritz says:

    So when are real ASMR Gaming Videos coming back?
    All these product placements are so disgusting..
    "Oh, i'm not getting paid for this"
    This channel is on a downward spiral.

    Bye Ben, has been a nice time for a short while, get over yourself.

  17. Lewis Westcott says:

    10:20 "looking very wet" pmsl