ASUS ZenFone 2 ZE551ML 4GB Phone – Unboxing (4K)

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15 Responses to ASUS ZenFone 2 ZE551ML 4GB Phone – Unboxing (4K)

  1. Talha Girgen says:

    Good Video Thanks.

  2. Eduardo Gallegos says:

    Haha boxes have a problem with you. Anyway, this phone's back is kind of lg's g3/g4.

  3. lorilori311 says:

    This one and the Xiaomi MI NOTE PRO are for now the only 4GB RAM memory phones on the market but the MI NOTE PRO has also bigger display and also 2K resolution and looks better but this is also a verry nice phone too.

  4. Dhavid Setiawan says:

    Try Asphalt 8 on this device!

  5. sezer kılıç says:

    Meuzi mx4 better than zenfone 2 but zenfone 2 is very good phone.

  6. Rrem Dako says:

    compare with note 4

  7. Markuss Gailītis says:

    Hey, please do underwater test with this phone! 

  8. Kyle Klarkson says:

    I want to see every thing it can do
    Water resistance
    Gaming performance
    Video quality
    Drop and scratch tests
    And other stuff

  9. Ryan Cooke says:

    Do benchmarks

  10. Muhammad Haziq says:

    This is my main phone and i love it so much!

  11. Michael Mortensen says:

    That vs s6

  12. Sayuj M S says:

    how is the battery backup and camera? how is the phone's feel in the hand, is it too big? please include these in the next review. thank you.

  13. FrodoTEST says:

    It seem's that android phone producers reached that level when they only can upgrade the hardware because they don't know what else they could do.

  14. Ariyan Haghgoo says:

    Please compare it with the nexus 6 in HD, Thanks!!!
    and also show us how much ram is free when you have all your social media accounts up and running while the sync is on!

  15. StraightForwardGamer says:

    Can you get the 2gb ram version and do a speed test against the 4gb ram version please