Asus ZenFone AR smartphone review

Asus ZenFone AR smartphone review

The Asus ZenFone AR phone is only the second phone on the market to support Google Tango, following last year’s Lenovo Phab 2 Pro. The ZenFone AR also supports Google’s Daydream VR platform — and looks like a regular Android phablet, too. But here’s why you shouldn’t buy the Asus ZenFone AR just for the “AR.” Subscribe:

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47 Responses to Asus ZenFone AR smartphone review

  1. David Barry says:

    Nougat is pronounced "noo-ga" not "nyewgart"! Honestly, you Americans haven’t a clue.

  2. Camron Jahanshahi says:

    Great review!

  3. Sgt Brobee says:

    Actual video starts at 2:30

  4. leftover passion says:


  5. PTNLemay says:

    So few phones support Android 7.1. I wonder if the changes they made to it were small enough that most manufacturers just chose to ignore it.

  6. Ryan Tongs says:

    nice review thank you

  7. Cy SwiftX says:

    she nailed a lot of things, but marveling at the headphone jack is quite wrong :/ Tango isn’t that popular. AR-wise, ARKit by Apple already claimed the spotlight, VR-wise, there’s Daydream so I would personally think Tango is currently pointless.

  8. Rounak Sadhukhan says:

    new battery tech!

  9. Vincent Cardona says:

    Nice review. I was looking forward to this phone all year. I’m mostly interested in Daydream but AR seems like it could get more useful as more development happens. Good to know the camera is capable as well.

  10. Crusherbad64 says:

    AR has been around for years. I remember playing AR games on the PSP and the DSi back in the day. Even when Sony and Nintendo pushed AR on the 3DS and PS Vita, no one gave a damn. Most people only use like 20% of what the phone can really do. Look at most iPhone users, why do you think Apple doesn’t do significant upgrades to the iPhones? It’s because the user base only uses the camera for pictures and videos for apps that uses them and makes the phone a little faster for newer mobile games and that’s it.

  11. batista says:

    she is beautiful

  12. Roney Santos says:

    The problem: Android.

  13. Simon Thester says:

    Why treat us just as consumers and only mentioning AR? Cameras in phones are so popular for the creative capabilities they offer. So, I’m more interested in the professional and creative capabilities of what these sensors can do. Can it scan 3D objects? Can it record depth video? Can it track the path of the camera in video recording? These could really make it worth the price.

  14. Rene Bjørnskov says:

    Don’t buy this because Apple has something similar coming. I know The Verge is Apple shills but geez. Just be somewhat discrete about it.

  15. Chand Laskar says:

    You are so beautiful…hahaha

  16. Rounak Sadhukhan says:

    Battery is still a great concern not only for phone also for laptops…


    Please focus on the AR. Wasted time on other useless stuff. Poor quality review. DISLIKE

  18. Hobo Supremacy says:

    Is it just me or is the protective plastic film you take off still on the bit that she says looks scratched?

  19. Ariel Zabihi says:

    Versus every iPhone that has ARkit

  20. dan smith says:

    2:32 no other devices out there run both^

  21. Иван Журавлев says:

    love her!

  22. RiotStorm Personal says:

    Couldn’t just clear the notifications for the thumbnail no?

  23. KnightMD says:

    Wow, with Tango, inside out positional tracking for VR should be amazing and NOPE: Daydream covers the Tango sensors!!!

  24. Will Frame says:

    Lauren is one of the few Goode things about the Verge right now.

  25. Luuk Smedts says:

    Those bezzels

  26. pumpuppthevolume says:

    using monocular visual odometry with the ipotato is a joke in comparison with the robustness and accuracy of these sensors…… . but don’t worry every phone will soon be this capable including the ipotato

  27. ruzzell907 says:

    I wish they reviewed the midrange Zenfone 3. I would like to hear what the West think about an Asian phone.

  28. ruzzell907 says:

    I wanna see more Asus Zenfones being reviewed.

  29. doge. says:

    This phone is horrible. Out of all things to copy, they copy Touchwiz?

  30. Kevin Schmevin says:

    Good review, please feel free to ignore all the haters below…

  31. Deleted says:

    This is a fine review. Nothing she’s saying here is wrong. Not sure why there’s so much hate. Yea the verge shills sometimes like the essential review xD but this is not one of those times.

  32. Michael Opheim says:

    Here for the girl

  33. Nathan Alvarez says:

    Is it just me, or is there a lack of color in this? Like it feels like the colors were muted for this video for no reason.

  34. Victor Hugo Lopes says:

    nice video, good review!

  35. Darlin' Zurc says:

    era exatamente o que pretendia fazer, comprar pq é um smart excelente e nao por causa do VR. Nem chegará ao BR.

  36. V- twelveV says:

    tbh why yould u use vr on a phone?

  37. City_Of_Light says:

    Why they filming her with two cameras at the same time , lol just looks weird, she’s looking (or pretend to look) at another camera while the other camera is filming , lol plus this review is really lame , they don’t show the phone they show her too much , poor asus at least they trying something different give them some credit..

  38. ronnor hgih says:

    Just buy an axon 7………

  39. Samot Roger says:

    Display colours look washed out

  40. christopher krause says:

    looks like a great looking phone if you dont look at the back(ugly) but the price can be a killer

  41. Ike Phipps says:

    Why does this seem like a 60 minutes interview

  42. Maurice-Mores says:

    I wanna buy this phone, not cause of the AR or VR it’s because i’ve been waiting for it to be released for 5 months lol
    and i’m a fan of Asus so….yea

  43. Sean Montebello says:

    I like the fact that Google’s pushing this tech with other manufacturers, but I hate ASUS’s software, the version of Android they push out is so clunky and looks extremely outdated.

  44. t. Hauser says:

    I hope to see many more devices with Google’s Tango technology. Google Tango is years ahead and far superior to Apple’s ARKit.

  45. I N says:

    Very detailed and technical analysis. ARKit significantly changes the game as it matches the performance of tango without the dedicated hardware

  46. Sean M says:

    Since when is Minaj at The Verge?

  47. vali says:

    I would get it if was given for free, but I wouldn’t buy it. I would go for an iPhone again.