ASUS Zenfone Max 5000mAh Battery Phone – Unboxing!

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20 Responses to ASUS Zenfone Max 5000mAh Battery Phone – Unboxing!

  1. HardGame III says:

    That's fucking shit phone. I'm using it right now. It has 4gb, but its fucking laggy. And this screen… FUUUCK AAAAAAAGHHHH.

  2. Drake Tabor says:

    Thats My Phone Right There

  3. bianca si adi says:


  4. Алекс Симеонов says:

    the UI is very ugly

  5. Алекс Симеонов says:

    the UI is very ugly

  6. Shoarma Meneer says:

    Mine has only 2000 Mah

  7. Mr. Muffin says:

    This phone looks beautiful

  8. matteo perli says:

    I have this phone

  9. Random People says:

    Oneplus 3 unboxing

  10. Vincenzo Giordano says:

    e bello

  11. Ajie Perusset Mortez Daguise says:

    i saw the comment and many people hated this phone. why?

  12. zTokuiTaiz And zCerus says:

    Can i destroy them in the future?

  13. CharlieB303 says:

    You should get the Asus Zenfone 3 Ultra

  14. Müslüm Baba says:

    Dude… Just get yourself a KNIFE.

  15. Emilio Cariaga says:

    How I wish there was a phone that has Zenfone Max's Battery, Iphone 6s UI for faster performance, features of the upcoming Galaxy Note 7, shape of Sony Xperia Z5. They could sell it for like, $800-$1000 but it's absolutely worth the price.

  16. Sylvia Archibald says:

    I like all of the weather apps on every phone.!!

  17. Isaiah Zachary says:

    Whoever say Asus sucks and ui ugly, I tell you guys are stupid af. I have been using Asus for 7 months and face no problem at all. Dont give amy comments if you haven't use any Asus at all. Fuck y'all..

  18. ғl D'тll says:

    cool, it comes with an OTG cable

  19. Lolmontaz says:

    fuck the box

  20. ReviewBlogVlog says:

    The UI is so ugly