Batman S7 Edge Unboxing & Giveaway!

Batman S7 Edge Unboxing & Giveaway!


Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Batman Edition –

It’s no secret that I’m a huge Batman fan… As you’ll hear in this video, it all started with the 1989 Tim Burton classic. Samsung has kept me young with this device, the Galaxy S7 Edge Batman Edition!

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19 Responses to Batman S7 Edge Unboxing & Giveaway!

  1. Earth2Geek says:

    why is Samsung so stupid and not releasing this and the Iron Man in the US?

  2. Mguy does says:

    My best friend's mum just passed away and he was a huge Batman fan. I'm not saying I should win, but if I do, I'll give it to my best friend to help him through the hard times he's going through.

  3. Khalil Carter says:

    can I be the lucky person

  4. Mohammad Ahmad Hashmi says:

    i love you for your encouraging videos

  5. Mohammad Ahmad Hashmi says:

    Subscribed and followed the
    #Unboxtheropy And

  6. Dougy doug says:

    Pick me Lewis!!!! Pick me!!!!

  7. Bionic Ghost says:

    Are you going to give that away

  8. Nekizalb says:

    me want

  9. Rahul B. says:

    whos the lucky guy to win this?

  10. proff chemistry says:

    Pls give it to me,i would like one like this.and also its my birthday and it would be the perfect present

  11. KingJames Gaming says:

    Lew, do I have to leave a comment on your Instagram and dbrandskins Instagram to be eligible for the Batman phone? Please let me know.

  12. Jolan Cabral says:

    hey brother.

    I need this phone so so badly… please… thnx and god bless+

  13. Gaka Tray says:

    If Jack is real, give one of them to Jack.

  14. lbosco says:

    give it to me!! my instagram is @maxl125

  15. bjorni hysa says:

    I want it

  16. Sergio Zelaya says:

    hey pick me please!!!

  17. Rain Ow says:

    Anyone wants to buy one?

  18. Randy Ra says:

    Done. my ig: @randyalfdn