Best Bang for Buck Chinese Smartphones – 2015 edition!

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We take a look at some of the best bang for your buck smartphones currently available!

All of these devices are powered by ARM and it’s their partner ecosystem that has made these aggressive price points possible. Their tech powers more than 98% of the world’s smartphones, and we encourage you to check out their developer community if you’re interested in learning about how to develop for ARM.

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20 Responses to Best Bang for Buck Chinese Smartphones – 2015 edition!

  1. The Amazing LeeD says:


  2. Poseidon99Jeus says:

    iPhone is made in China

  3. Fahad Rahman says:

    what's the app shown in 2:11?
    btw, great comparison! :D

  4. Victor Varbanov says:

    What would you say about the K3 Note's SAR?

  5. Infernio2777 says:

    The xiaomi phones would kill them

  6. Hoàng Chương Quách says:

    does that weather apps got name ?

  7. Dean Eireann says:

    Meizu M2 review,

    Irish person here that recently bought this phone with screen protector and case for 120 euro i was hit with 32 euro in customs ****ers!! Anyway this phone is incredibly fast and responsive with amazing battery life,Camera,speed and power it also boasts a fantastic build quality and is fully compatible with google play and all western networks and services,In short its a 500 euro phone for just over 100…..BARGAIN!! (reported camera issues must of been resolved as mine is perfect)

  8. Joel Philip says:

    How did you people change the Fly Me OS to Custom Android…??Please Help

  9. Matej Šoštarić says:

    What rom or launcher did you use on lenovo k3 note

  10. Ahmed Nazir says:

    what about you infinix mobile phone..?

  11. R0ssee says:

    I want a 5 inch Lenovo K3 Note, but with better camera and RAM than the K30-T, which one to get?

  12. Barby Girl says:

    Nice review. I like it. I've found this one What do you think?

  13. The Grand Pirate says:

    Bollocks to background music.

  14. Mat Jiowoo says:

    these phones will break from a 1mm drop

  15. Adnan Khan says:

    I have a Huawei Fusion 3 smartphone that I've had for a while now. It's a go phone from Walmart and its still going strong, was like 70 bucks. 

  16. saabdriver2008 says:

    I have a galaxy s5, think it's worth buying the redmi note 3, or last year's nexus 6?

  17. Daniel Pong says:


  18. S2c2aw says:

    what game is that at 4:36 ?

  19. Dan Reptilian says:

    what is with the oneplus x?

  20. Dem Sangines says:

    M1 note and Jiayu s3 are much better than these phones.