Best budget smartphone 2016

Best budget smartphone 2016

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20 Responses to Best budget smartphone 2016

  1. epix says:

    what about the lg k7 ????

  2. gphillimo says:

    Will the leagoo shark work in America?

  3. Kazi Zakaria says:


  4. Milene Marques says:


  5. Stevens Ngombo says:

    This ain't the best budget phones…. The best one is the infinix note 2 4G version it's just a great phone for about $130-140

  6. john llyod estrella says:

    ser. for you what is the best phone gaming? under 15000

  7. Ahmad mu'min says:

    Where to find all of this type of phones in Malaysia?

  8. KTMX says:

    Look at my logo

  9. FAIQ ASYRAAF says:

    i think its highly recommend to buy leagoo shark because of its specs

  10. Vin Liboon says:

    where can i purchase this in the Philippines?

  11. yumyum suppe (yumyum) says:

    what about oneplus 3?

  12. umesh wagh says:

    very bad representation of video

  13. Maro Vok says:

    All non U.s. Phones..put it in title ..!

  14. Mohd Ridzuan Ahmad says:

    leagoo shark have a nice premium design..

  15. gustacular says:

    this is not a smartphone, it's a tablet.

  16. Michelle Hembrey says:

    not waterproof as stated in commercials and information package states 5 ft 30 minutes, 30 seconds 3 ft need new SD and Sim card's wet

  17. Dennis20051976 says:

    a you just sponsored so you made a video about it for money?

  18. DIS_i s_SID says:

    Hey, HD LIsts I would like to know the name of the track used in the background in this video from the 3.09th minute till 4:34th minute, please share

  19. Bjorn Luysmans says:

    leagoo shark Just 3hrs To fully charge with Quick charge or normal charger