Best Budget Smartphones 2015!

As 2015 comes to an end its time to gather together the best of. In this video we feature the best budget smartphones of 2015!

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20 Responses to Best Budget Smartphones 2015!

  1. asena says:

    Guys help me out I need a new phone but I really can't pick. I don't need anything special never use camera etc. All I want is a good display to watch movies/youtube on, audio quality has to be good and hard. Processor has to be fast and battery life has to last long. Any recommendations?

  2. Xxxtheenditsdeathxxx says:

    Microsoft lumia 640 only cost 30 why not here

  3. Nectro Spect says:

    The Moto X Pure is 500 euros in my country…

  4. Jerrell Wong says:

    did u say quad HD ? lol

  5. Lucas Berna says:

    Cell phone buying advice. Thank you for your time
    Comparing:1. Motorola Moto G (2nd generation) Unlocked Cellphone, 8GB, Black $100
    2.Sharp Aquos Crystal Silver (Boost Mobile)
    3.Motorola Moto E (2nd Generation) Unlocked Cellphone, Black $70
    4.Microsoft Nokia Lumia 640 LTE
    I am looking for a cell phone that I can connect with the internet to store the information I put in which is calendar, to do list and contacts. I have been able to connect to a calendar in google account with a LOGIC x1 phone. For a to do list I was thinking wunderlist but it is not compatible with lumia 520. I need a good camera to take pictures of pages in books and nature. I want to record videos playing piano. I need a good working speaker. decent sound recording, alarm. decent batter life. So far the best service provider i found is h20 wireless that charges .05 per minute i think, and the option of adding money for three months that ranges around $10-30 or more. I am looking to save money that is why the budget

  6. Ari says:

    I'm going to go out on a limb and say that the Moto E doesn't have a qHD display.

  7. MancVandaL says:

    On what planet is $400 a "budget" price?

  8. Jason Li says:

    I know this video is old and all but you guys should check out the le TV 1s. Trust me, you won't regret it. It's like the oneplus one when it first came out and if it was on this list, it would be no. 1 in the sub 250$ category.

  9. Tech Smash says:

    Honor 5X?

  10. Mustafa Shafiyee says:

    mate I have a nexus 5x don't call it shit it's amazing for its price it's fast has a good camera and can do better things than all the other shitty phones you talked about

  11. Sirus Valencia says:

    the Blu Life One X is $149, and it has a Full HD display, octa-core CPU and a sizeable 2900mAh battery.
    it's also pretty good with gaming (suprising) and has a stylish design.

  12. Ben Knight (KnightVision) says:

    just a general view, i think people who are watching this might find it more helpful if you say the maximum amount of storage supported when mentioning phones with expandable storage. i have no doubt that the people watching this know how to do their research but it's nice to just get the facts there and then

  13. Barby Girl says:

    I think they are not enough budget) There are several other chinese brand phone makers which are not so well known but make strong quality products. Doogee is one of them. I really like this model

  14. giorgos tseligas says:

    Man, 400 bucks is not freaking budget You get a flagship with that money :P

  15. Day Chionsini says:

    You have that Mac Pro. It sucks

  16. SnazTastic Kobe says:

    S6 ftw duh

  17. Abhro says:

    Moto fan boy

  18. Abhro says:

    Why r u dissing the slightly higher priced ones

  19. R. Antonio M.S. says:

    Best $100 devices: Moto e, redmi 3

    Best $200 devices: OnePlus X, Zenfone 2, mi4c

    That's about it.

  20. Colin De Mello says:

    All rubbish!