Best Cell Phone Plans! | May 2016



Individual Cell Phone Plans Spreadsheet! –

Cricket Wireless Review –
US Mobile Review –
T-Mobile Review –
RingPlus Review –
Page Plus Review –
Project Fi Review –

Page Plus –
AT&T –
RingPlus –
US Mobile –

Page Plus –
Cricket Wireless –
RingPlus –
TPO Mobile –
T-Mobile –

Straight Talk –
Cricket Wireless –
Boost Mobile –
Sprint –!/?plan=unlimited
TPO Mobile –
Metro PCS –
Simple Mobile –!ut/p/a1/04_Sj9CPykssy0xPLMnMz0vMAfGjzOJdDLx8jQMdPYyCPMxNDTwDPJyD3c39DEwcjfULsh0VAR6rtQ8!/#!#unlimited-plans

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19 Responses to Best Cell Phone Plans! | May 2016

  1. satyrosjay says:

    A+ Excellent review!

  2. caine marko says:

    Well made video, straight to the point and informative.

  3. Soundcloud Place says:

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  4. Laz Tech says:

    you forgot to mention MetroPCS gives you 8gb of hotspot

  5. Danial khan says:

    Where can i find tmobile plan for $30 with 5gb data?

  6. Daniel Lee says:

    You should try Total wireless, they have 5 gbs of lte data for $35

  7. Mark Hoyle says:

    Great to see an understandable explanation of the MANY calling plans available. From one mobile enthusiast to another…great work!

  8. Danial khan says:

    tpo plans are 50% off right now

  9. HD Wyborney says:

    Project Fi has added US Cellular to their coverage.

  10. IRatchett says:

    cricket doesn't cap upload speeds.Heres the proof Check out my Ookla Speedtest result. What's your speed?

  11. Chava Gonzalez says:

    cricket wireless plan is $60 not 55… unless you add autopay

  12. QuentinQuatermass says:

    Very informative video. Thank you! I just moved from a dumb phone to Straight Talk's $45 plan using a BYOP, a used Verizon Samsung Galaxy S5. Looks like Cricket might have been a better choice, depending on how much data I end up using a month.

  13. vicente guzman says:

    you're awesome thank you for this!

  14. Bishop Feathers says:

    sprint doesnt have 2gb plants i asked them and they said they no longer have it

  15. Maxwell Gottlieb says:

    Hey, do you know if Total Wireless data speed's are capped?

  16. Trina Nguyen says:

    At 3:01, for T-Mobile did you mean Unlimited Text and Unlimited Talk, cause you put Unlimited Text twice

  17. Spencer Andersen says:

    Cricket wins for me- their unlimited data plan capped at 8 mbps is fine for playing games like Hearthstone , streaming Spotify or Pandora, reading articles on the go or watching an occasional YouTube video. I'm not sure about Twitch though.

  18. Marbles092593 says:

    I want to try TPO and I have a Samsung Galaxy S5 and HTC One X from AT&T. Does TPO issue new numbers, or do I have to port one from my current phone?

  19. baddogonline says:

    I'm living in the US, and it's time to upgrade my cell phone plan.  I'm currently with AT&T.  I want to change to an unlocked, dual sim, quad region phone for international travel.  The employees at two AT&T branches tell me that they can give me a plan for the first sim, but they can't guide me toward the right phone.  They only say it has to be "AT&T branded".  Do you have an answer?  I want to travel internationally and have one phone.  A simple phone plan for the US, and a free sim slot to use in the county I visit for several months at a time.  Does this mean that I need to leave AT&T, or can you give me a list of "AT&T branded phones" from which I can make a purchase, and stay with AT&T?  It needs to be a smart phone, with a pretty good camera, and have several options for internet connectivity.