Best Mini Mobile Phones 2016

We round up the best mini, compact mobile phones you can buy in 2016, from Sony’s Xperia X Compact and Z5 Compact to Apple’s iPhone SE and iPhone 7. Anything under 5-inches is game, and let us know your own favourite small smartphones in the comments.

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14 Responses to Best Mini Mobile Phones 2016

  1. Uttaran Das says:

    xiomi remi note 3 ?????????????????

  2. Doudoulaz says:

    what about HTC m8 mini

  3. Ali Bashir says:

    people please listen, iphone 6,7 are not compact smartphones, yes they have small screen size but the phone size is not compact 13.83 x 6.71 x 0.71 cm.

  4. idris musa says:

    Ur losing weight Chris?

  5. best700 says:

    i bought samsung A3 2016 its great 4.7 inch n cost about 170 usd .

  6. Fatih Akpinar says:

    I like the Nokia 3310

  7. Zuhayr Tarsoo says:

    what about the one plus 3 mini

  8. Probotector TV says:

    Premium: iphone SE, Xperia Z5C Budget: BQ Aquaris E4.5. Really that's pretty much everything there is out there that's good enough for most.

  9. Oleg Petrov says:

    But I adore my "spade phone" Xperia C5 UD!

  10. X-Techi says:

    Google Pixel, Lenovo Z2 plus


    my xiaomi mi4c are the perfect size for my hand

  12. Steve Worman says:

    I like my G4 5.5 inch phone. The smaller phones are too small for my large hands.

  13. Naser Ali says:

    xiaomi redmi 2