Best power brick Solar Charger for cell phones? iPhone and Android phone. Levin 6000mAh

Best power brick Solar Charger for cell phones?  iPhone and Android phone. Levin 6000mAh

Levin Dual USB Port 5000mAh Portable Solar Panel Charger for iPhones, Windows and Android Phones

Great for going out to the beach, camping, biking, snowboarding or boating. Charges two devices at once and seems to be a good buy.

After some testing it out myself i can say that for the pice it’s worth every penny and will be buying one myself to enjoy.

You can find this product on the link below.

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20 Responses to Best power brick Solar Charger for cell phones? iPhone and Android phone. Levin 6000mAh

  1. Husen Kuliev says:

    Hi Brian Parks. I have a question:how fast does your phone charge with this solar device

  2. lomo ray says:

    Thanks, but you didn't show us nothing but you turned on and used it.We need more info about the SOLAR. Time it takes from Zero to full charge.  And how long can it charge?  And  show us on a semi -light charge.You were only  getting excited. I think it is your first time to have this.  And enjoy it Brother.

  3. ALEX White says:

    3.57 . when you orgasm on camera

  4. bobo luo says: InnooTech Solar Charger 10000mAh Outdoor Solar Power Charger Dual USB Port
    Portable Energy Solar Power Bank, Solar Battery Charger with Led Light,
    Waterproof, Dust-Proof and Shock-Resistant

  5. Brian Parks says:

    @michiel it honestly takes forever so if you want it as a solar charger forget it.

  6. Michiel James says:

    so how long does it take in the sun to get to full charge?
    I have one and don't get anything more than 2 bars. no matter how many weeks you leave it in the sun.

  7. Dave Kane says:

    Looking for something like this to take camping and in the car for emergencies. Having a tablet with an entire library or books, music, maps and apps is invaluable, even if there's no internet.

  8. Claudia Yadira Lizardo Lira says:

    I need that! I'm studying Biology at university so I'm always camping for three days almost every month, I'm sad I didn't see this contest before :(

  9. It's Ye Boi says:


  10. BENNY AVILES says:

    How did you charge yours initially ?

  11. David wellinton says:

    Nossa muito bom, eu gostei muito

  12. Gamer MZ says:

    i should win it because i love science and anything that has to do with saving earth

  13. David PhoTWENTY says:

    Pahaha ladies y'all like the buzz! dang to bad I'm just seeing this

  14. Roxan Larose says:


  15. Brian Parks says:

    @MSGL0727 Glad you got your prize. Hope you enjoy it. Thanks for watching.

  16. Brian Parks says:

    @MSGLO727 Congratulations you liked the video and left a comment stating why you should win. Thanks for watching. You are the WINNER!!!! I sent you a private message here on your youtube channel to get your details. Please reply within 48 hours to my message for details. If i have not heard from you in the 48 hour period i will move on to the next qualified person for their chance to win.

    Thanks again for watching all. Keep watching for next video's and give aways.

  17. Raj Thakore says:

    ok thanks u and keep up the good work

  18. Raj Thakore says:

    Hi i have subscribed for a long time and I am a loyal to your channel please Can I have one please

  19. John Fuentes says:

    can you fully charge a smart phone? they say you can only get to the utmost up to 1 bar of bat life.

  20. MSGLO727 says:

    I LOVED IT!!! Buzz buzz. I heard the buzz!!! I would love to win that because I am always going somewhere & my battery runs low & with having kids I need to have my phone charged.