Best smartphones in 2015 so far

We’re already half way through 2015, and it’s been a good year so far for smartphones, and the people looking to buy them.


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19 Responses to Best smartphones in 2015 so far

  1. Mandi Ahmetaj says:

    s7 is out now and many more will come out soon so for me is s6 and im gona buy it in the end of the summer bc is gona be more cheap hahahaha

  2. sam4malaysia says:

    Iphone 6/s 1 of the best ? You are not good in judging best mobile phones.

  3. Loyalty Free Audio Library says:

    Best Smartphone under $400? –

  4. Turnt Alien says:

    can any of those phones suck dick?

  5. Nicolás Merino says:

    Nexus 6p???!!!

  6. Adel Alkahef says:

    where are the One plus series and the wileyfox?

  7. Doge says:

    Some idiot in my school brought his new iphone 6s to gym and he put it in the pocket of his loose shorts. You know what happened? He jumped and it flew out of his pocket and hit the floor right on the corner. The screen got rekt and he cried. The end.

  8. Argenis Rodriguex says:

    is the idol 3 better than Samsung core prime ?

  9. TheNinoCicci says:

    i have an Acer e700 Liquid. Low budget phone with an excellent performance. 3 sim cards, 3500 mAh battery, gps navigation from TomTom almost the whole world free of charge, 16 ROM ( expandable with sd card ), 2 GB RAM, front and rear flashlight and all these for only 190 usd. I ve been using it since January and it still makes fun.

  10. Carmel Cachia says:

    Samsung Galaxy S6 is the best phone of this review!

  11. Turbonite says:

    Honestly, HTC one m9 is the best phone of 2015. Killer speakers, 20 mp camera and amazing performance. Just got one from LG G3.

  12. Zain Sagier says:

    Where is the Motorola Moto X Style/Pure Edition?

  13. Mrbowgod says:

    what about motorola??? moto x and moto g???

  14. avp3player1 says:

    I was thinking about getting the Samsung edge s6 but it sounds like the battery life is horrid… I have an htc one desire 601 from nextech. This thing is awesome besides 1 thing… battery life. I have my wifi/mobile data turned off, power saving mode enabled, ect. When I get to work at 7 am I turn my phone off till about noon. Turn phone on and use mobile data to surf facebook on my 30 minute lunch break. Mobile data off at 12:30 and my phone is down to about 80% life already. By the time im getting off work around 5:30 pm it's freaking at about 30% life. I'm tired of this.So I need a fast reliable phone with strong battery life. I like to use my phone like an mp4 so having tons of storage space or an sd card slot is a must. My 32 gig sd card is almost completely full of music already lol. Can someone give me a tip to what phone I should look into for-Great battery lifeFast and responsiveTons of storageSolid cameraDurable, waterproof/dustproof is a bonus.Reasonably small, I don't want to be carrying around something that looks more like a tablet than a smart phone.Has a nice ui for playing/shuffling music/playlists.I have also considered an iPhone 6. I've never had an iPhone but I just need a damn good phone that will easily last all day and sound crisp and clear for my music bingeing/facebook/youtube on my days off.

  15. Nawaz Waseem says:

    My Galaxy S6 is lagging like shit. Notification panel does not swipe down most of the time and keyboard lag. Reset the phone twice and still got lag. I'm selling this peice of shit and never going to buy Lagsung again.

  16. Cristian says:

    idol 3 vs oneplus x, which is the best budget phone?

  17. Jesse Lucero says:

    iPhone 6 and 6s are better then any smart phone

  18. Jesse Lucero says:

    Fucken dumbass

  19. Tristan Stoner says:

    I have a high hand and when I use a small phone my fingers are too big and I click one button and then 4 others pop up I'm looking for a big phone that will fit in my hand and I don't like apple what kind of phone should I buy?