Best Smartphones of 2014

Best Smartphones of 2014

I rank my favorite smartphones of 2014. What would you choose?

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Thanks for watching in 2014, looking forward to doing it all again in 2015!





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20 Responses to Best Smartphones of 2014

  1. John Sheehey says:

    Z3 Compact

  2. realgamer1999 says:

    iPhone 6 !!

  3. Maria Planta says:

    ofcourse iphone and samsung will never lose!

  4. Arnulfo Abrera says:

    Iphone forever

  5. Scott Jaso says:

    Z3 Compact for me

  6. aliff yusuf says:

    the note edge

  7. B Mulvey says:

    sony z3 compact still the best android phone imao

  8. Evgeniy Ankey says:

    Galaxy Alpha Still the best. Buyed it in 2014 still use and so happpppppy

  9. Ardian Isufaj says:

    i love apple i like mostly iphone 6 because iphone 6 plus is to big and i dont like very big phones

  10. Essel Kaihatu says:

    Note 4 and Edge, iPhone 6

  11. Alan Clark says:

    I love my Z3 Compact by Sony

  12. WeArePugsTV GAMING says:

    Z3 compact is small it's the same as the Sony Xperia z3
    you stupid idiots

  13. Simon Šelih says:

    note 4 is the only phone on the list with replaceable battery and expandable storage?
    LG g3 has both too and xperia z3 also have expandable storage

  14. Keath Me says:

    I like Z3 Compact :P

  15. kujtim z says:

    z3 number one.

  16. kujtim z says:

    z3 number one.

  17. g johal says:

    Z3 is the best 2014 if pick it

  18. bilal ahmed says:

    vote galaxy s5

  19. Bjorn Girardi says:

    Sony Z3 Compact was the best for me.