Best Smartphones To Buy For Any Budget (Summer 2016)

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These are best devices for ANY budget!

▶ Blu R1 HD
▶ Moto G4
▶ Honor 5x
▶OnePlus X
▶OnePlus 3
▶Alcatel Idol 4S
▶Nexus 6P
▶ Galaxy S7 Edge
▶ Note 7
▶ iPhone 6S/+

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18 Responses to Best Smartphones To Buy For Any Budget (Summer 2016)

  1. jass samra says:

    your r wrong its a 12 mp camra

  2. black knight says:

    lg stylo 2 should be on list ninja

  3. Enter Name Here says:

    I need that shirt where ye get

  4. YouTubeNEWS says:

    Under 300$ oneplus x? Get a P9 Lite!

  5. to tosh says:

    Hey mehn… Thought i would see ZTE AXON 7???

  6. Chris Sparks says:

    In my opinion, there are great phones, that if they weren't carrier exclusive, they too would have been on this list!!

  7. Shuchit Sharingan says:

    Dude mah mann
    Where's the ZTE AXON 7. ????????

  8. shawin shiv says:

    fake s7 is 65 bucks. better than the $50 one

  9. littleartimes121 says:

    No axon 7??

  10. Nathan James says:

    throw in an LG phone

  11. Marko Dolo says:

    no love for the HTC 10?

  12. Dario Hall says:

    That shirt is so boss!

  13. Nukumi says:

    You should have mentioned the ZTE Axon 7 at the 400$ price point. Even better than the OnePlus 3 in my opinion, but it depends on your preferences.
    + WAY better Audio (front facing stereo speakers + premium DAC & Mic, also amazing audio output via headphone jack) and Dolby Atmos with built in EQ, which is awesome for music
    + more unique design
    + better display
    + 2K display, battery life is still pretty similar because the battery has more mAh
    – slightly worse performance (4gb RAM instead of 6, 2k display), but not a huge difference
    – slightly worse camera in low light
    – less vanilla android

    I love it at least.

  14. .4tixXxist says:

    i want to see the new htc nexus phone on your upcoming video, i expected more from htc this year, sadly the htc 10 was'nt that awesome

  15. Austin Barnett says:

    the blu pure xr should have been a $300 option

  16. Rudy Roman says:

    bruh I would look for used phones but make sure that the imei is clean. I got a nexus 6 for 80 dollars so it's not a bad option

  17. David Hernandez says:

    samsung galaxy s7 the flat vercion is great

  18. charan kumar says:

    which is the best selfie smartphone under 20,000 RS