Best Top 5 Boost Mobile Phone To Buy (2016) HD

A list of the best boost mobile phones to buy for new activation, upgrades and port in. Done by sales experience and how good overall they are. Subscribe for more videos

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20 Responses to Best Top 5 Boost Mobile Phone To Buy (2016) HD

  1. Black Blvck says:

    how much is it to upgrade from a zte to a galaxy j3 had my phone since like February or march

  2. Sade Overstreet says:

    how much is it to upgrade (ZTE warp elite) to iPhone 5s or 5se?? on boost mobile….and iPhone 6 upgrade. had my phone since march

  3. Canlvshitn Hryoecrsia says:

    Do u have a phone case for boost Indy phone, hard 2 find for me

  4. lAFAYETTE Harrison says:

    Hey can u do a video on zte warpe elite phne cases

  5. GirlyGamingHQ MCPE says:

    is there a boost mobile in delaware?

  6. Rogelio Melgar says:

    stay the fuck away fro. ZTE

  7. Natasha Davis says:

    Darryl it sends the wrong text and act stupid I wish I never got this phone in a way I love it but when it acts up I regret buying it lol

  8. Darryl McGee says:

    The ZTE Warp Elite is GARBAGE!!! I hate that I bought this trash!

  9. Natasha Davis says:

    Can you tell me what can I do? text and call is acting up really bad

  10. Natasha Davis says:

    I have problems with my zte warp elite….

  11. Jewel Jewel says:

    iphone 5s 5 is horrible small.screen dont recommend it ..get the j7

  12. Chris Meyers says:

    HTC desire 626s …HTC makes a great entry level smart phone with a price drop that i found at my local walmart for $98.00 at boost mobile still $150.00….so check out the phone section at walmart, target, ect for better pricing on some phones boost carries. the selection is not as great as going to a boost store loction, but i found prices on higher end phones to be some what different

  13. Cliff Hankins says:

    This review is pretty generic. I personally have had the LG optimus, the Moto g, the LG Volt 2, the ZTE Warp Elite, and now I have the LG Stylo to. I would recommend the Volt 2 and the Stylo 2. Avoid these stores and buy them from Amazon or EBay. They're always a lot less expensive and have a warranty. plus you can get great accessories at more than half the price from these stores. That's the real truth.

  14. RivalForce says:

    My phone made it Tribute 5

  15. Jose Montelongo says:

    boost still offers quick connect (chirping)

  16. Patrick Alexis says:

    Thank you for this video. I needed help buying a Boost phone for my mom and online reviews were so scattered.

  17. Henry G. Thompson says:

    I have the tribute 5 it's good except it over heat sometimes and sometime it takes slow to charge up once it gets under 15percentage

  18. JESUS Lizzy says:

    can you please answer my question !!!!i wanted to buy an galaxy s5 but they told me they already discontinued it if i get an s5 in another place can ya still activated??

  19. Curtis Neilson says:

    just bought the stylo 2 for my girlfriend good phone big battery

  20. Tellie Tubbie says:

    lol what if someone walked in during your video to buy a phone