Best upgrade phones under $100 (boost mobile) HD

If your planning on doing an upgrade on boost mobile I will show you the best phones that you can get that are less than 0

Please watch: “Samsung Galaxy J3 Full Review (Boost Mobile) HD”

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20 Responses to Best upgrade phones under $100 (boost mobile) HD

  1. Sade Overstreet says:

    how much to upgrade to Lg stylo 2

  2. 5177502 818 says:

    where is your store located?

  3. Patrick Giusto says:

    Hey man..You look like you work at a cell phone store..I hope a boost mobile store. I've been looking everywhere for answers and haven't. I went in my boost store to get a new phone and he said that if I had 5 on time payments I would be eligible for an upgrade. I didn't have the 5 on time payments so I bout the LG phoneVolt 2 I think. As of now I have made 3 on time payments and will be making the next two to get the upgrade. So that's my story. but you said if you make 3 on time payments to can upgrade. I wanted to know which one is right. 5 or 3. because not for nothing the guy at the store seemed like a dick. And my next question is I bought my phone for 150 and on the website there was a sale 49.99 the same day…Should he have told me about it? or did he just not bother?

    I hope you can help me out. thank you.

  4. Michelle Scott says:

    how do you qualify for an upgrade and do you have to do that in store or what? and how to you know if you do qualify?

  5. Curtis Neilson says:

    i know a guy who buys a new phone every month tben loses it been doing it for years

  6. Bill Boyer says:

    the warp elite sucks. the camera shoots like a 5mp camera. It's garbage

  7. Dayonna Render says:

    how to you upgrade your phone where do I go

  8. The Assassin10 says:

    im on boost mobile and is it possible to upgrade my LG Stylo to a new iphone or samsung??

  9. Kimberly Nichols says:

    i have the lg g stylo for metro pcs i have a 16mpxle cam.

  10. Kimberly Nichols says:

    this is a lie ive been told by boost (when u call the company) they told me boost mobile doesnt offer upgrades needless to say i not have metro pcs and im much more happy. plus with metro you can be in a phone call and be on facebook at the same time whereas with boost you cant.

  11. B-Real says:


  12. goochbuntu says:

    volt 2 is the worst phone i ever own dont do it im switching to iphone

  13. The Joker says:

    What the hell is with all the cases.

  14. Fatima Wooten says:

    hey the ZTE warp elite went up higher to upgrade can I still use this video so the price to go down

  15. Fatima Wooten says:

    hey the ZTE warp elite went up higher to upgrade can I still use this video so the price to go down

  16. Sha “ShaLaSlayer” holmes says:

    I bought a boost Mobile phone it was used but the number is still there how can I cancel the number to switch my phone I already payed $100 and now they want to charge me more to deactivate it and it was supposed to be done before giving me the phone 

  17. Fernando El Rey Jugador says:

    thank you thank you thank you very much

  18. jordy Gonzalez says:

    i financed a gs6 from boost 45 dollar down payment

  19. GullibleMexiCANFIFA HD says:

    wait so I got the zte prestige but I'm gonna change my number and get a phone for less than its original price? my mom has done it she had the htc everybody hated in the world but then got the LG Stylo by doing so,so can i change my number and get a phone from selected phones?

  20. gabe_ is_legend says:

    so the payments have to be on time every time?