BlackBerry DTEK50: Unboxing & Hands-on Review

BlackBerry DTEK50 unboxing: We got our hands on the new DTEK50, which BlackBerry has dubbed ‘the world’s most secure Android smartphone’.

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19 Responses to BlackBerry DTEK50: Unboxing & Hands-on Review

  1. jase dunlop says:

    how is the battery? is it Z10 bad or more Z30 can get through a full day?

  2. yussuf khamis haji says:

    nice phone

  3. Jeana Powell says:

    Love, Love this phone!

  4. nautaki says:

    Looks good, if people want a Blackberry handset hardware wise then they have to pay Blackberry R&D and get the PRIV (and stop moaning). As I said, it is looking good and can't wait for the next handset with the physical keyboard (I have a PRIV already but coming from a brilliant Passport I would prefer something more Passport-esque). The PRIV is great.

  5. Joey Luu says:

    couldn't get pass how clumsy the first three minutes of this was

  6. Jé Be (Here But Gone) says:

    What a fail. You called the convenience key the "power button" …. how you gon do a "review" when you haven't even reviewed the device….. THEN you don't even have the intelligence to EDIT OUT the error you made…….

  7. Shibin Raj says:

    any idea release date for India ?

  8. Dax Marcell says:

    It looks very promising!

  9. Cian Matthews says:

    Does this have NFC?

  10. tiredrummertube says:

    I see quiksand and this arm coming out of it holding this phone! just awsome for $300; most secure pbone on the planet and all the cool features; very timely release by Blackberry since android is less secure these days than its ever been. probably be my next. thx for this review!

  11. Dominick Durso says:

    The dtek 50 comes with a free quick charger until August 8th.For the $299.00.

  12. Subrata Das says:

    BlackBerry DTEK50 vs LeEco Le 2 Pro vs Asus Zenfone 3 Deluxe vs Samsung Galaxy A9
    wich beter?

  13. Samir Noor says:

    They need swipe gestures just like the bb10… I have not seen a single android that works like bb10 even close theme pack….swipe gesture will make the phone look and feel unique……now it looks cheap like most android phones…no winder samsung uses touch wiz to be different

  14. Jaya Prakash says:

    "The worlds most secured phone "which doesn't even have a fingerprint scanning

  15. Edo Ahmad says:

    Blackberry? I thought they are dead now
    lets said you're unboxing an Alacatel Idol 3

  16. Albertus Nico says:

    Hp ini bagus klo dalam range 1Jtan klo 3 Jt mahhh NO

  17. Roy Monrreal says:

    I've used blackberry since it was first sold to the public…I'm currently using a passport but is breaking down on me….this is a mid range phone and although it's nice if I am going to move to Android I think I'll wait until a higher range one comes out considering I only buy phones every two to three years might as well but the high end variety

  18. phalistine says:

    FFS wanna keep the fucking thing still for a second?

  19. acchaladka says:

    +Recombu In your full review would you please explore the security and other virtues of NOT having a fingerprint scanner on a smartphone? The knee-jerk comments on here from people mistakenly thinking they're more secure with a fingerprint, are maddening. Pls also review the security features in detail as the phone is trying to differentiate itself on this basis, ya? Many thanks.