Blu Pure XL Unboxing

MUST SEE – World’s First Unboxing in 360 –
Blu Pure XL –

The Blu Pure XL is powered by the 64-bit MediaTek Helio X10 2.0GHz Octa-core processor.

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19 Responses to Blu Pure XL Unboxing

  1. Laura Martin says:

    Saw this video and decided to buy one from the link provided. Needles to say that I'm exchanging it for another one because the one deliver literary died on me. It froze on snapchat and turned off, but wouldn't turn back on for the life of me. Hopefully the one I get now works better, and just in case I won't use snapchat on it, but still…not a great first impression of it.

  2. Bogdan Ciochina says:

    its ODM (original design manufacturier)

  3. Bogdan Ciochina says:

    based on gionee în Romania is sold under the brand Allview

  4. Gaming Dude says:

    Is blu pure Xl better or blu vivo 5 ?

  5. glue. says:

    That moment when you a samsung galaxy note 5 with better ram and camera, but you want this phone because its cheaper and works fast…

  6. Rico B says:

    Just got the phone yesterday. Beautiful display. Very solid build. Legit unboxing experience. Very solid phone. Love it. Blu just needs to support the hardware with more software options.

  7. fx4warrior says:

    Lol this thing blows away the iPhone

  8. El Toro says:

    Guia Rapida. It's pronounced Gee-ya Ra-pee-dauh.

  9. Tanay Prasad says:

    Does it Come only with a 64 GB Storing??
    Plz tell if there is a 16 or 32 GB Interal Storage HANDSET.

  10. Geo Fox says:

    i am obsessed with blu phones all the sudden

  11. Corvo Houge says:

    Here are some of the weirder features of this phone:
    Built in call recording (check with your local laws because in some places its illegal)
    Built in fake calling
    Turn off/Turn on schedule ( you can tell it to turn off at 12am and turn back on at 5:59am for the alarm)
    64Gb of built in memory with another 64Gb expandable
    Togglable network connections
    When its plugged in via USB, you can tell it to act as storage, photo viewer, or simply just charge the phone.
    Rediculous amount of control over audio settings.
    Good battery life (Recent updates have really optomized the phone)
    And the same black screen gesters and commands that the Galaxy Note has.

  12. tubemuchasuerte says:

    Mmm a great product I think. But the selfie is a bit unreal I believe lol. Bro your skin looks like a model you know jaja

  13. TAYYAB ZAHEER says:

    nyc man

  14. Akiokia Yin (Phase Lightning) says:

    It would have been funnier if he said: "What's Up Guys, Blu Here Back With Another Video…"

  15. Brucey says:

    So I love my vivo 5 but damn I wish I had known about this phone before I bought it

  16. @DC-FC79 says:

    Not a bad looking phone

  17. Agent K says:

    Another product from BLU dab-a-dee-dab-a-die

  18. STAAR Mulji says:

    I might get this for my first phone because It's not that much money,it's good for only 150

  19. KeuleTR says:

    Hiç parmak izi okuyucusuna değinmiyorsunuz.YApacağınız incelemeye sokayım.