BLU Win HD unboxing and first impressions

BLU Win HD unboxing and first impressions

For 9 you can pick up this fantastic looking – but budget friendly – Windows Phone in the US. With dual SIMs and support for AT&T and T-Mobile (no LTE on either), the Win HD looks to be a great option with not much risk. More information:

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20 Responses to BLU Win HD unboxing and first impressions

  1. Juana Garcia says:

    oh i have this phone and my camera don't work i press on the camera but it go back home how can i fix this

  2. Ivan Li says:

    This is a pretty bad phone. Snapdragon 200? 2015?

  3. Phani Kumar says:

    is the display a corning gorilla?

  4. Jamie Bergin says:

    Got this for my granny cuz she wants a simple phone but needs WhatsApp

  5. Carlos Oliveira says:

    I am not sure if they upgraded the hardware, but it is advertised to have "qualcom snapdragon 410" on amazon UK now.

  6. Robert Naramore says:


  7. Arthur Vanmaele says:

    i wanna buy him but im from belgium end it not simple to buy hil in belgium

  8. trainkid457 says:

    My mom is getting me one of these for my birthday. It's going to be my first ever smartphone. :DDD

  9. King Townsend says:

    remind me of the HTC one

  10. Hitoshi Channel says:

    Reason why I am never gonna get a Windows phone is because they don't have that much apps on it and its boring.

  11. Yael Abramovitch says:

    I have this phone in the bright pink and it's a really nice pink and I think if it's like your first phone it's a good decision it's my first phone I think it's amazing like and it's very late Bayington it's like as big as a iPhone 6 like bigger it's it's decent and it works and it's very convenient has two Sim card slots and you can add more things and it just has a lot of cool features I really do highly recommend this phone is the first phone or if you finding a new phone and you don't like have enough plenty for an iPhone let's just say you should get this kind of phone the cameras very high-quality and for radio that your buds are four or else you can't listen I know it's weird but the button on that you buds is the pause also as he said in the video it's also used your microphone which is also very helpful so I do recommend this as I said before

  12. Sasuke Hatake says:

    I just bought this phone it coming tomarrow

  13. Elizabeth Manzera says:

    can you install messenger?

  14. Achhhhhmed says:

    Dude you kinda sound like Jesse Pinkman. Say "bitch!"

  15. R.k Prajapati says:

    Is This phone will get windows 10 OS ????????

  16. Duncan Ellis says:

    what are the general types of apps it has

  17. Matthew Isenburg says:

    Does it work with Straight talk with the " Bring your own phone service " and has it updated to windows 8.1

  18. Enrique Suarez says:

    What should I get vivo air or blu windows 

  19. Simon Lamarche says:

    actually you can make groups, i have this exact same phone