Build Your Smartphone? Google Project Ara

Build Your Smartphone? Google Project Ara

Would you buy a Google Project Ara phone?

Big thanks to Norm and Brad for being in the video!

Today in Mountain View Google ATAP showed off Project Ara, an all new modular smartphone that allows you to use separate modules to customize your phone with different screens, batteries, cameras and more.

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49 Responses to Build Your Smartphone? Google Project Ara

  1. springXz says:

    0:55 in this how us Geeks look when we’re talking

  2. Cibi Jonathan says:

    Hey guys this is exhausting

  3. everything calvinatorhenke says:

    It’s cool

  4. DC Gamer says:

    you should bring back the song and edit that is on the start of the vid for your newer vids

  5. Thomas George says:

    WHere do YoU bUy ThIs tHiNg

  6. Mr. Sharkey says:

    i am sad they didnt do this

  7. Andre Gomez says:

    he looks like miniminter

  8. Trey S says:

    5 6 yrs turned to 5 or 6 months

  9. Luca Maistre says:

    never even started

  10. Wat Lel says:

    your intro sounds like plainrock124

  11. iGarbageAppleX :D :P says:

    I know I’m late but aye he’s wearing a Breaking Bad t-shirt.

  12. TechThatYT says:

    Rip project Ara

  13. DC Gamer says:

    PS take the battery out while its running?… nope

  14. Drawing Matters says:

    Well that sucks

  15. Dr. Dunk says:

    well, didn’t work

  16. Arbaaz Patwari says:

    3 years and still not released


    want ara

  18. Jerico kumar says:

    AWOSOME thats what i want. a cellphone which I can assamble like a PC.

  19. Blockmania Studios says:

    Modular smartphones have always failed

  20. Owen Terry says:

    R.I.P Project Ara, you will be forever unknown. </3

  21. Jarrod Hanley says:

    0:56. Mm. Yeh. Mmmmm.

  22. Florby Grom says:

    awesome phone

  23. Chicken Taco says:

    What is that intro music

  24. Titanium Fish says:

    Watching this on the pixel XD I think this project was not thought through well.

  25. Funist says:

    R.I.P Project ARA

  26. TheOpAlexGuy says:


  27. Kshitij Priyadarshi says:

    no that good

  28. [GD] Coolxxxr says:

    Hey Austin,this is guys.

  29. ShadeSlayer1911 says:

    Bet you won’t be able to swap out the processor though, which is the part of the phone that will get outdated the quickest (I’m guessing).

    For me, just give me removable batteries and Micro SD card slots on phones. That’s all the modularity I would want from a phone. Anything more than that kinda makes it more trouble than it’s worth. Imagine a phone that can explode into a bunch of pieces if I drop it. And imagine finding cases for such a thing. Actually, maybe a case would fix the exploding problem. But even then.

  30. تكنولوجي Technology says:

    I loved this device and I have a beautiful price and a luxurious design

  31. GameNation says:

    imagine putting an Intel processor aka i3s

  32. wert HARSH says:

    why google is not working on it.


    Already tried. Already failed.

  34. Hexxoid says:

    And yet it failed.. XD

  35. Thomas George says:


  36. Konrad C says:

    I thought this thing was junk, new hardware has all these features, and its one piece

  37. sawyer is here says:

    so cool

  38. Tooltip Tinkerer says:

    Yes, but how do I build one from scratch? And how would I get any service on it?

  39. Jaguar Fun says:

    hmm hmm hmm hmm :austin evans 2014

  40. Ben Macmullin says:

    R.I.P Project Ara you would have been amazing

  41. Liam says:

    what happened to this??????

  42. MasterSkySparklez says:

    I hate his intro so much. The way he says hey guys just sounds so artificial to me.

  43. benben sack says:

    its mother fucking graet

  44. Mr.Repooblican says:

    0:55 Hey It’s NORM FROM TESTED

  45. rohit s says:

    It’s awesome

  46. BioticBuilds Yt says:

    And we all see how this turned out…