Buying an emergency cell phone (Portlandia)

watch Portlandia on IFC Fridays 10.30pm

starring Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein with Kumail Nanjiani
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20 Responses to Buying an emergency cell phone (Portlandia)

  1. ryguyiskindofaflyguy says:

    i hate att

  2. Nathan Reeves says:

    this is T-mobile to the tee!

  3. zozocalifornia says:

    After you pay for it, it’s free.

  4. Nathan Grove says:

    phone guy is cute

  5. Brian Battles says:

    Tell the FBI fuck Apple, just go see Wireless Toyz!

  6. Jonathan Moya says:

    Carrie " time is of the essence" salesman "awesome "

  7. Thighslapper Golfguy says:

    How much of this do you think is improvised?

  8. darryl barton says:

    The absurd truth is always the funniest.

  9. HelikaonIX says:

    it is one time in that you only pay it one time per year

  10. Sarah Elizabeth says:

    400 anytime minutes, which you can use anytime.

  11. Sarah Elizabeth says:

    This is a fresh start. The program is called fresh start.

  12. Erica Godinez says:

    one of my fav scenes of all seasons of portlandia tbh

  13. Sam Scheibner says:

    do you know whgt I love avout this it's that the fucking people don't even know. Its the fucking obsertadty of It alllll

  14. Kristin Evans says:

    It's a one time fee that you pay annually

  15. Jasmine Amelia says:

    Two pumpkin phones

  16. natalie ruegger says:

    it's free after you pay for it.

  17. Romel Wilgen says:

    Salesman- you want the pink one that says bitch on it
    Fred- You don't have to say it.

    This salesman is hilarious.

  18. TheRubberStudiosASMR says:

    Brilliant. So annoying, so true

  19. JPlovesmusic says:

    "After you pay for it it is free"
    "It's just a one-time fee you pay annually."

  20. JPlovesmusic says:

    i forever remember this scene. first time i ever saw this told and was telling people about it forever. so true to life.