C4 with Cell Phones and Tablets (Weaphones: Firearms Simulator)

C4 with Cell Phones and Tablets (Weaphones: Firearms Simulator)

We have revised how the wireless controls work in Weaphones Firearms Simulator Volume 1. Now its easy to connect multiple devices and control all of them from any of the devices. You can connect Apple devices to other Apple devices, Android to Android and even mix the two for endless possibilities.

Why would you want to do that? Well you can use one device as a remote detonator and all others can be C4 sticks, or build a large Mini-Gun and actually control it.

iTunes App Store: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/weaphones-firearms-simulator/id517642765?mt=8

Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=air.com.oranginalplan.weaphones

Amazon App Store: http://www.amazon.com/OranginalPlan-Weaphones-Firearms-Simulator/dp/B007U7IKVM

Free versions are also available and include the C4.

Please note: The app does not require multiple devices to play.

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45 Responses to C4 with Cell Phones and Tablets (Weaphones: Firearms Simulator)

  1. ayman mahamed says:

    Please I want the game in Windows phone

  2. Jerome tolentino says:

    i did the tutorial about multi device bomb but it doesnt work
    so i call the bomb is "Suicide kit"

  3. Canal Lixo says:

    kkkkk very good

  4. Velu Maniam says:

    Toy game and die.

  5. loquendottsful says:

    Accesories for ak47 supresor bipod and miras plssss

  6. Alka Nangia says:

    it’s not working at all

  7. Ник Костин says:

    Stop! How to connect? WiFi?

  8. kadevenku says:

    What is the range on the link? This would be awesome for airsoft

  9. Big Smoke's Memes says:

    Can you please make modern weaphones vol 1 and 2 free?

  10. Nova Vortex77 says:

    this works! all you need to do is use the same WI fi for all phones/tablets its fun as hack!

    make sure you link them all too

  11. Tukun Kisku says:

    c4 multi link does not work on my samsung galaxy core prime

  12. Christopher Darell says:

    is bluetooth required

  13. RangHeliteR_75 says:

    Hey oranginalplan i need you create the raging judge and g36c please create other new weaphones

  14. NiTRo Rezzurect says:

    I linked them but it won’t work

  15. RangHeliteR_75 says:

    Hey oranginal plan i like the rifle g36c and revolver raging judge please create this weapons

  16. Tukun Kisku says:

    should i use my wi fi

  17. CookieGuy says:

    Is this game coming to the Windows Phone anytime soon?

  18. Dante Jansen says:

    How do you connect it doesnt work i tried so many times

  19. Влад Ачкасов says:

    Did you do this game for windowsphone?

  20. Lowd Cloud says:

    how to use multilink…

  21. KYU Uyehara says:

    hello i am blazilian how to connect ?

  22. lifyz says:

    How do you do this
    Help me thank you

  23. Goku-san says:

    Can I connect my android with my iPad?

  24. Nicholas Abbate says:

    I’ve tried everything, but nothing is working. I have an iPhone 5s and an iPad mini, both on the same software update. Please help me, Original Plan.

  25. H3yItzKilL3rz BB says:

    lel 0:06 my baby brother watching this he said "that’s not a apple that’s an iPad"

  26. StoneBeasts says:

    I hage to try that

  27. Altair Auditor says:

    no way

  28. Animdude Gamer says:


  29. BB8_M8 says:

    COME ON GUYS ITS BEEN 7 mounts and you have not released 1 update.

  30. loquendottsful says:

    Ak 12 plis with accesories or makarov plsss

  31. Alka Nangia says:

    the app stops working when I click on bump link devices

  32. Guilherme prszysiezny says:

    I need this app for my windows phone , faaaasssssttttt

  33. Shelvid_ says:

    dear oranginalplan, me and my cousin really love Weaphones series on our tablets. we are 13 years old but we play with Weaphones like little kids 😀 this is so far most best application ever! we also really like game called Team Fortress 2 but we can’t play it because of our computer 🙁 and if you guys can, why not to make Team Fortress 2 weapons and call it like… Team Phonetress 2 😀 like having class choosement, inventory, radio voices (for example: Soldier – This is my world, you are not welcome to my world!) and i know, this one is most stupid but, if not stupid most hard thing to create. it would be so cool to be able to fight with this guns more better using wireless controls ! like me having M4A1 weapon and my cousin having AK-47 and having a fight with this from far range and having health and stuff… THAT WOULD BE THE MOST EPIC THING EVER!!! (but Weaphones is still epic :P). thank you for reading this and we hope you like any of this ideas 🙂

  34. Sonector THE G4M3R says:

    Pls add more weapons yo the free version

  35. Peterson Padilha says:

    I can"t conect me tablet with my phone, somebody can help me?

  36. Rio Devit says:

    I already try it with my Samsung Galaxy Note. But, cannot work on it. How?

  37. W i l K u ツ says:

    The application itself is nice but do not know how to blow up a C4 from another phone phones with andoid: LG F60 and Samsung Galaxy S6

  38. Andrei Destroyer says:

    it was working but now it dosen’t

  39. Jordan Wu says:

    I remember this app used to be on windows phone…..but it’s gone now…why?

  40. Trap says:

    OriginalPlan please, WEAPHONES FOR WINDOWS PHONE!

  41. Martyn3z says:

    Create with bluetooth connection beacouse we and friends got problem….. no wi-fi