Can We Auto-Correct Humanity?

Why I Refuse to Let Technology Control Me.

You need not delete your social networks or destroy your cell phones, the message is simple, be balanced, be mindful, be present, be here. 🙂

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Music composed by DJsNeverEndingStory

Graphics done by Neonbyte

Prince EA // @PrinceEa

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20 Responses to Can We Auto-Correct Humanity?

  1. Anna Freddie says:

    You're so on point with this….love it!!!

  2. Tyler Glenn says:

    thank you for these videos they really help me be… me. I was outside playing at a field and all of my friends were texting so I took there phones away. it took them a half a second to relize how different screens are then the reel world. I told them why look at pictures when you can look at the real thing, why admire what someone else has when we should take advantage of what WE have. and did you relize that I said WE not I as in I phone I mac IPad. ever since that day my friends have not only been playing out side more but communicating more. And we ALL have the patience to listen. Even when are phones go off we still listen to each other and we say it can wait. once again thank you for this God or what ever you believe in put ALL OF US ON THIS EARTH FOR A REASON WE JUST NEED TO FIND THAT REASON.

  3. Hihibihihi says:

    Please make more videos like this

  4. Tiffany Byrd says:

    Once again i use this video as a source in one of my college papers. this is like the 4th time of me going back to this video as a source…so good!

  5. No Username says:

    An Anti Social Network
    Damn dude that's clever. You come up with that yourself?

  6. cha ram says:

    he makes all the sense

  7. Brian Brown says:

    I think I need to watch this every day

  8. Brian Brown says:

    I was moved by this. Goosebumps

  9. TEXO ! says:

    he is saying these stuff but in the description he still mentions to follow him! lol

  10. On The Gulf says:

    Bravo. Listen to this three times. Listen not to obey but listen to understand. Listen to understand. Poetry sings how to be “one bar closer to humanity” to gain touch with others.

  11. Carly waters says:

    I can poke you on facebook, dm you on insta, or tag you on twitter, but can I tell you I love you with the same meaning… Look into someones eyes and tell them you love them, or how happy you are, or how you fell today, now text someone, get their reaction. is it the same? Don't conform to a life full of fake lies, save yourself.

  12. kaitlyn lawrence says:

    Your speeches are so powerful. I am a victim of 'social' media. And I honestly don't know why, or how I do it. I have an English exam coming up, I need to revise. '1 more video' I tell myself… Yet I'm here, 3 hours later.

  13. Daniel Prusa says:

    For the people who keep saying that phones aren't fucking up our world…..You guys are fucking retarded. People at fucking concerts don't give a shit about the concert, all they care about is getting it on their cellphones just to gain some more popularity. Let me tell all of you stuck up bitches something……….You guys need to get a fucking life and try and actually look at things through your eyes………Then a fucking cell phone. SMH no hope for humanity

  14. Jesse Reiter says:

    I bought some of early computers spent more than 4 years on computers and I Hate them they are sent by Satan to control us. Every year I see less people outside of there homes and more people with a phone connected to there heads . throw that Demon in the trash befor it takes your soul.

  15. callum francis says:

    im watching this on my laptop!

  16. Karinnarp says:

    Wow best video. Sad reality.


    Lol y people always gotta be dramatic about things

  18. mightybison15 says:


  19. Connor Sault says:

    This video made me cry!!

  20. Aftab Ansari says:

    Okay so who else looked at their phones hearing that Low Battery Beep ?