Cell Phone Bacteria

This spot done by Nicole Brady of KOB-TV in Albuquerque shows how many Germs can accumalate on your Cell Phone.
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16 Responses to Cell Phone Bacteria

  1. Legit Alton says:

    That awkward wait at the end doh

  2. bilal choukoud says:

    Germs are bad, mkay, you shouldnt have germs on your phone, mkay

  3. Evenglare Valenstar says:

    Classic misdirection. Growing cultures looks nasty and it is but that isn't anywhere NEAR the amount of germs on your phone. Those cultures let bacteria grow unimpeded. Nice scare tactic though. 

  4. Kathy Killmore says:

    hahaha! That ending was awkward.

  5. zack mm says:

    fear fear, be afraid of anything, herp a derp news

  6. AmerikanGrizzly says:


  7. Atomic Creation says:

    We need fucking bacteria to survive god damnit stop being so hyped about that…

  8. Adamczyk Erler says:

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  9. Ryan Ortega says:

    You and the 9 other people who agreed with you need to be killed off in a plague.

  10. michael munemo says:

    As soon as you clean up the phone in a matter of seconds bacteria will be wandering on you phone again, so you might as well not clean it.

  11. Rick Eubanks says:

    The fact is that there is bacteria EVERYWHERE!!! It's virtually impossible to try to prevent contact from all bacteria and if you did, your immune system wouldn't be as strong as it is and would be severely weakened.

  12. Luis Navarro says:

    @dieselboy87 like 2 girls 1 cup huh?

  13. Rhys Trooper says:

    end started to scare me a bit. -_-

  14. Silver77cyn says:

    Imma be like Monk….wipe wipe wipe

  15. APIAPRO says:

    this video sucks

  16. zeds dead says:

    scaremongering bullshit