Cell Phone Dangers | Dr. Devra Davis @ National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS)

In an address to National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS), Dr. Davis provides a state of the art science review and concludes that current evidence indicates that cellphone radiation has biological impacts. She summarizes technical studies relying on lab specimens, animals and exposure modeling of children and adults. She also features case reports on young women with unusually located breast cancers who kept phones in their bras and developed tumors located under the phone antennas.

For a written summary of this talk please see http://educate-yourself.org/cn/transcriptdrdevradavis04apr12.pdf

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11 Responses to Cell Phone Dangers | Dr. Devra Davis @ National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS)

  1. Steve Phillips says:

    Great video thank you! Strange laptops do not have protective sheild on back underside, though as the lady said was not designed to sit on our lap, but if doing so put a book under it. See my below poem if you like.

  2. Steve Phillips says:

    The Daleks Warning
    (Mobile phones)Wi fi, hi fi, free red eye: city centre masks, the world organise agency is robust: mobile biological, restrictions have high set standards, causing thermal effects. These are the guide lines, but they need to be brought down lower, because they have been set too high, creating an illusion making the radiation look low, ‘but it is not’.What can we do? Call a friend, but whom? Find the doctor: make a protest. The Master is back. What did he say? ‘You will obey.’  But we will not obey. We are the Daleks. Embarrass them, they are the enemy, embarrass them, embarrass them.’Dr Who theme music: Dang-du-dung, dang-du- dung, dung-du-dang, dung-du-dang, who-who-who-who, who-who-who-who dung-du-dang, dung-du-dang who-who-who-who

  3. Stefan B. says:

    TL;DW (too long didn't viewed) ?

  4. eric h says:

    this must be the real reason why steve jobs didn't allow his kids to use iphone/ipads.

  5. Tiny House Girl says:

    Would you stop using a cell phone if you thought it might cause your hair to fall out? Could cell phone use be linked to Alopecia? My 20 yr old nephew is having premature hair loss close to his 'phone' ear. I just read that Alopecia is caused by toxicity. I'm seeing a possible connection because radio frequency radiation causes a break in DNA of hair roots."…in human subjects exposed to 15 minutes and 30 minutes of radio frequency radiation."

  6. Rey Gold Evans says:


  7. Monica Melchi says:

    Is it at the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences?

  8. Monica Melchi says:

    Where exactly was this speech given? I'm writing a research paper and I wanted to talk about this speech but I don't know where the speech took place! 

  9. Jake Bugella says:

    Think about how many high school and college students use their phones? Ive personally had a phone since I was 13. Im now currently 20! The probability of this happening to a lot of people is rare! If you think about it, almost everything can cause cancer! If I'm not mistaken dont they use radiation treatment to cure cancer? I think thats stupid too! Im sure Devra Davis caries a phone with her everywhere she goes…

  10. iyakymen says:

    The most comprehensive video on the topic I’ve ever seen. The only remark is – according to my own measurements a cell phone emits most intensively during the ring / first seconds of connection, not during a talk. So never listen to rings in cell phone while it’s connecting.