Cell Phone Reunion

When Bluetooth, Car Phone and BlackBerry team up, iPhone gets what he deserves. See more at collegehumor.com/originals
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18 Responses to Cell Phone Reunion

  1. Cupcake Alison says:

    To all the people asking for the samsung galaxy: this was posted in 2009 y'all

  2. Me Me Me says:

    ipad shows up and justs fucks iphone 2.

  3. ectocrafter says:

    2:43 is that last one a shart?

  4. ELITE HD says:

    Damn 2009

  5. Unicorn Fez says:

    there should have been android or windows

  6. S.P.iT. without the i says:

    I thought like a samsung galaxy would come in or something

  7. zakosist says:

    Somehow this is actually a good advertise for iPhone, apart from that douchey behavior…

  8. Hostile Meerkatz says:

    are thos pe the same voice actors for Sonic for hire?

  9. halmarvez says:

    Even if I own an iPhone,I would never treat other phones like that.

  10. M. Keith says:

    why is the rating of this video Y???

  11. Mirza Aqil says:

    a little to me

  12. Mirza Aqil says:

    iPhone sound like wildcat.

  13. Conor Miller says:

    where is Samsung?

  14. matthew oneill says:

    If I imagined phones having a fight I'd imagine iPhone laid there charging itself for a year then jumping in the middle of them and explode

  15. Add Kim says:

    this is why Samsung didn't came……..note the moment

  16. isabella rivera says:

    watch when iphone 6 beats his ass

  17. Fifthcell says:

    Where's the Samsung Galaxy?